• How to Help Students Prepare  Music in Third Grade 
    3rd Grade Music Skills: 

    The student should be able to;

    1.       identify and play simple classroom instruments and demonstrate how sounds are reproduced on each one.

    2.       echo short rhythmic patterns with an awareness of steady beat.

    3.       demonstrate the contour of melody using appropriate terminology (upward, downward, staying the same, step, skip, leap and repeat).

    4.       recognize that tempo and dynamics may change within a piece.

    5.       classify instruments by families (brass, woodwind, strings, percussion, and keyboard).

    6.       demonstrate the ability to define and maintain personal space.

    7.       identify simple music forms when presented aurally: call and response.

    8.       demonstrate the ability to work effectively alone or with a group.


    3rd Grade Music Vocabulary:


    Tempo-The speed of the beat in music.

    Rhythm pattern-A group of long and short sounds.

    Dynamics-The loudness and softness of sound.

    Repeated Tones-Two or more tones in a row that have the same sound.

    Phrase- A musical “sentence.”  Each phrase expresses one thought.

    Round- A follow –the-leader process in which all sing the same melody but start at different times.

    Step- A move from one tone to another without skipping a tone in between.

    Leap- A move from one tone to another that skips over the tones in between.

Last Modified on January 25, 2012