How to Help Students Prepare  Music in Second Grade


    2nd Grade Music Skills: 

    The student should be able to;

    1.       sing expressively with appropriate dynamics, phrasing, and interpretation.

    2.       perform simply body percussion to songs, chants, and nursery rhymes.

    3.       recognize that the register of an instrument is influenced by its size.

    4.       demonstrate the ability to define and maintain personal space.

    5.       identify simple music forms when presented aurally: phrases as same/different/repeating.

    6.       recognize the presence of multiple sounds.

    7.       demonstrate the ability to work effectively alone or with a group.

    8.       identify the sounds of a variety of classroom instruments.


    2nd Grade Music Vocabulary:


    Steady beat-A regular pulse.

    Melody- A line of single tones that move upward, downward or repeat.

    Chorus- A group of singers performing as a unit.

    Rests-Symbols for silence in music.

    Tempo-The speed of the beat in music.

    Rhythm pattern-A group of long and short sounds.

    Dynamics-The loudness and softness of sound.

    Repeated Tones-Two or more tones in a row that have the same sound.

    Accompaniment- Music that supports the featured performers.

    Composer-A person who makes up pieces of music by putting sounds together in his or her own way.

    Harmony-Two or more different tones sounding at the same time.


Last Modified on January 22, 2016