It’s hard to know sometimes what is expected of you in different classrooms.  CHAMPS will help you to know what’s expected of you for the different activities in this class.


    C – Conversation– When may you talk?  How loud may you talk?  What may talk about?  Who may you talk to?  See Volume Levels.

    H – Help– How do you get help from Ms. Renée? Can you get help from a classmate?

    A – Activity– What exactly are we doing?  Is this a teacher-lead lesson, independent seat work, group work, assessment, or presentation?

    M – Movement– Do you have to stay in your seat?  Are you assigned to work in a different location?

    P – Participation– What does active and effective participation look like?  What are you expected to do?

    S – Success– What do you need to do to succeed?


    Following CHAMPS guidelines for the different class activities will help you earn positive student skills/citizen points for your grades, show you are taking responsibility for your learning, and show you  are promoting learning for others.


    Volume Levels:

    0= Silent (no sound at all)

    1=Spy Talk (whisper)

    2=Table Talk (4 feet voice)

    3=Presentation and Public (for everyone to hear)

    4=Loud and Proud (assemblies)



    Most often, effective participation looks like this:

    S – Sit up.

    L – Lean forward and Listen.

    A – Ask or Answer questions.

    N – Nod and take Notes.

    T – Track the teacher or talker (presenter) or text.

Last Modified on February 24, 2016