Machetanz Library Media Center
    Reading is a foundational skill for learning, personal growth, and enjoyment. The degree to which students can read and understand text in all formats (e.g., picture, video, print) and all contexts is a key indicator of success in school and in life. As a lifelong learning skill, reading goes beyond decoding and comprehension to interpretation and development of new understandings.  Standards of the 21st Century Learner,  AASL. 2008.

    Students can check out books during their library class time. All grades will have library once every three school days for 45 minutes.  Kindergarten is allowed 1 book at a time. 2nd through 5th graders are allowed to check out 2 books in addition to any classroom books and materials. Replacement costs of lost or damaged books must be paid before by the end of the school year.


    Book selection is research-based using the latest book reviews from a variety of sources such as Children’s Catalog, School Library Journal, Booklist and the Children’s Book Council. As librarian, I welcome suggestions to improve our collection.


    Our Goals:

    • to work together with parents to promote family literacy.

    • to educate parents and students about the qualities of good literature in each genre.

    • to collaborate with teachers to support classroom instruction.

    • to have fun reading lots and lots of great books!

Last Modified on April 4, 2022