• Graduation

    Below are the district's requirements for graduation.  Over the course of students' high school careers, I meet with students to create a four-year graduation plan, and we update the plan yearly in the spring when we sit down to select classes for the following school year.  If you have any questions about these requirements, please call or email me at 907-733-9305 or tamra.harrison@matsuk12.us

    Alaska Performance Scholarship
    Another important thing to consider when selecting classes and making graduation plans is the Alaska Performance Scholarship.  This scholarship provides money for students who attend a university in Alaska.  In order to earn this scholarship, students must take the classes which are approved by APS as well as earn the expected GPA and WorkKeys or SAT/ACT test scores.  Students must also complete the FAFSA to qualify for this scholarship.
    The APS requirements are:
    For complete details regarding the Alaska Performance Scholarship, visit the Alaska Performance Website.