Extra credit can be turned in daily, but the last day it will be accepted for 1st Semester by December 11th, 3rd Quarter is March 4th, 4th Quarter is May 14th.
    Each project below is worth up to 1% of the final course grade, unless otherwise stated. You may complete up to 4 different projects each quarter.
    All extra credit projects are considered donations to the CHS science dept.



    ART: Create an original piece of art. Submit the art with a 1 page paper explaning how it relates to physics. A quick sketch will not be accepted. 

    Take some time outside, viewing the sky, see directions   2nd, 3rd Quarter only
     Create a working Rube Goldberg device or an illustrated creation.
    Directions here 4th quarter only

    Write a story using the Periodic Table   

    Create a story, at least 10 sentences long, which follows the conventions used in
    Elementary Watson    - Fall semester only
    Make a Mole

    Create a mole following thedirections (involves sewing) - Fall semester only




    1.Read "Disappearing Spoon" by Sam Kean. or "Naponleon's Buttons" by Penny le Couteur or a Stephen Hawking, Richard Feynman or Randall Munroe or other Chemistry/Physics related book.

    2. Write a 1 page book review and create a poster for the book (like the ones you do for English Free Reading Friday Projects)
    3.  Make sure to emphasize your top favorite elements and/or molecules and why.



    MAKE A VIDEO: Film a unique video that completes the sentence, "Physics is important because..." Video should be 2 min. or longer.  Email it to Mrs. Sanders to be played in class. Here is one that has shot to fame: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcWeUUzOuHk&feature=player_embedded



    FIELD TRIP: Attend a show or talk at one of the science museum's in Anchorage or Eagle River Nature Center or Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer. If you hear about a science focused talk at a different venue, ask Mrs. Sanders if it would qualify for this x-credit assignment. Write a 1-2 page report of what you learned and attach your ticket stub.


    CAREERS: Investigate the many careers available to physicists in a 2 page paper. Explore several aspects of one career you find interesting. Include preparation for the career, potential employers, the type of work that someone in this career would do, contributions of these professionals to society and to the field of physics, etc.  Identify three people who have been successful in this career, and profile their careers and contributions. 



    CURRENT EVENT: Find a recent (within the last year) article on a physics topic from a credible source. Print the Article Form  and give a 2 paragraph response, the first being a summary and the second paragraph being your thoughts, and opinions.




    FASHION: Decorate a t-shirt with a physics theme. Wear it to class for a quick show & tell. Submit a 1 page paper on how it relates to physics



    VIDEO: Film a unique video on one or more physics related topics.  Video should be 2 min. or longer.  Email it to Mrs. Sanders to be played in class.



    SONG or POEM: Create a physics related original song or poem and perform in front of class, or make a video of you performing it and e-mail it to Mrs. Sanders to be played in class.


    2nd Semester only:

    PAPER: Write a 2-3 page paper explaining the physics(in detail) that answers one of these questions:

    1.  How do gravity and general relativity relate to each other?

    2. How do Voltage, Current and Resistance work in series and parallel circuits?

    3.  Why is there no such thing as a perpetual motion machine?

    4.  how are electricity and magnetism related and how do they compare to the other universal forces?  

    5.  Explain how there are different types of light yet they are all types of light, and what makes them unique.  


    1st Semester only:
    PAPER: Write a 2-3 page paper explaining the chemistry(in detail) that answers one of these questions:

    1. Why do we salt the roads in winter?
    2. Why do we cook differently at higher altitudes?
    3. How do batteries work?
    4. Why do you have to shake italian salad dressing?
    5. Why can't you blow dry your hair in the bathtub?
    6. Why does your skin turn green when you wear cheap jewelry?
    7. Why does your soda go flat when it's warm?
    8. There is no such thing as cold, just the absence of heat.
    9. Why do fireworks burn different colors?
    10. Why store your batteries in the refrigerator?
    11. Why is the Statue of Liberty green?
    12. The future of automobiles and fossil fuels?
    13. Why don't we mix ammonia and clorox, and other hazardous chemicals in the home?
    14. What is an alloy and why do we use them?
    15. What should we know about ozone?


    You have recently become a member of an elite group called Moviewatchers for Accurate Science (MAS).

    The group watches films and critiques them for the producers, directors, screenwriters of the movie.

    Task: Watch a physics related movie .  You will be graded on the level of critical thinking, accurate science and the effort your paper shows. Report on the scientific aspects of the movie (no more than 2 pages typed pages - quality over quantity).

    1. Give a scientific summary.

    2. What aspects of the movie were scientifically correct? Why were these parts correct? Provide quotes or scenes from the movie to illustrate your examples.

    3. Use expert scientific references to explain why parts of the movie were scientifically correct. Provide quotes or scenes from the movie to illiustrate your examples.

    4. What suggestions do you have for the directors and producers of the movie to make it more accurate? Be specific - this is an example, "Have the lead characters drive away in a tank instead of a Porsche because that model car does not have non-melting which would be necessary to escape the gravitational field of the UFO."

    5. Must have at least 3 references, include a bibliography.

    6.  Many movies can be viewed for free on http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/


    4th Quarter Only

    4th Quarter Only:  Create a working Ruben's Tube, present to class, write a 1 page paper on what you learned and how it relates to physics.
    Two different pdf files that give directions. Remember to have parent permission as well as supervision.


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