• The Physical Science Student Dividends List
    Name: Teacher: Mr. Cunningham
    E-mail: Patrick.Cunningham@matsuk12.us

    During the course of the semester students will have the choice of completing a Physical science dividends list for Extra Credit. This extra credit will be used to replace your lowest quiz score of the semester with a 100% for that Quiz. The goal of this project is to expand your horizons in the science and to give you the freedom to learn about the areas of science you find most interesting. This dividends list contains a number of different types of experiences, each having their own value. Students may complete 1 each semester. The timeline for turning in dividends is as follows:
    1 dividend turned in by Dec 1, 2013
    1 dividend turned in by May. 1, 2014
    Observations 1 dividend
    Students will use a GPS to find geocaches located in Southcentral Alaska. Students must submit some proof of their having experienced this place (photos, videos etc.), and a half page written summary of the experience. Written summary should describe observations of the natural setting of the area where cache was found, a description of cache and it’s contents. Required: basic introduction to using GPS. 2 students per geocache.
    The web page to find geocaches is http://www.geocaching.com/. Our user name is “pscience” Password is “dividend”.
    Interviews people in Science related fields 1 dividend Students may interview any professional who works in a biologically related field. You must turn in a typed transcript of the interview, along with the name, title, position, and e-mail address of the person you interviewed. Students must also turn in a page of questions (at least 10) that have been researched prior to the interview. This list must be approved by me before the interview. Ask the professional about what they do, what education they had to have, how biology plays a role in what they do, and what things a high school student might be doing to prepare for such a job. Students may not choose a close family member for this interview. The interview may be done via the internet. No high school teachers may be interviewed. See your teacher for lists of resources and for approval.
    Science and The Community 1 dividend
    In one of my favorite options students may receive credit on their checklist for volunteering at a biologically related center or agency. To receive credit, students must put in at least four hours with any one organization. Students must have proof of participation (a letter from a supervisor will do) and must write a one page summary of their experience. See me for approval ahead of time, especially if you want to organize your own community service project.


    UAA Lecture Series 1 dividend
    Attend a scheduled UAA Lecture and take notes. Write a two page summary on the information given in the lecture and summarize in front of class. You must attach your lecture notes to your summary. The lecture schedule will be posted in Mr. Cunningham’s classroom as will directions to the Wendy Williamson Auditorium. Lectures will be held in January and February, 2009. Webpage info on link below.


    Video- Nature Journal 1 dividend (5-10 min film)
    For the cinematically gifted student. Use this as an opportunity to develop your video editing and filming skills. The video should be a documentary of local habitats, Scientific phenomena or processes, or anything else you can think of to highlight Alaskan Science. Be creative, but you must get approval from your teacher for what you want to film first. This video must show some aspect of science(Natural history, wildlife, northern lights or a skit that you made up.) Ex. A visit to the Alaska Zoo