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                                FALL CHALLENGE, 2021!   

    Goose Bay 1st & 2nd grade students will participate in the Healthy Futures 3-Month Fall Challenge, from September through November.

    Healthy Futures is unique to Alaska, and Goose Bay is proud to be part of this great program!  Students will keep track of their physical activity, and earn incentives for meeting the minimum challenge of 60 minutes of heart-healthy activity at least 15 days of the month.  Students receive three monthly Activity Logs , and earn incentives for each returned log that meets the criteria (60 min/15 days) and is signed by a proud parent!  
    Click below for the third and final log of the 2021 Fall Challenge: November, 2021 Healthy Futures Activity and Reflection Logs:

          November Activity & Reflection Logs              Informational Letter from Ms. Blake


    NOTE:  60 minutes of activity, broken into smaller segments throughout the day, is the goal.  Those 60 minutes may include active time spent in physical education class (45 mins) and recess (30 mins).  It can be tricky to record all of the activities in that small space on the Activity Log, so some students use codes to identify the activity:  "PE" = Physical Education Class, "MC" = Mileage Club, "B" = Bicycling, etc.  Some kids are having a great time creating their own "key" to the codes on the Activity Log!  Be creative!  Have fun!  The goal of Healthy Futures is two-fold:  (1) for our youth to be ACTIVE, and (2) for our kids to make the connection that active play is a healthy choice that is good for their bodies, as well as their brains!
    ***CHANGE to the PROGRAM***:  This year, weekly reflections will be added to the monthly Activity Log. At the end of each week, students are asked to respond to several questions, either in written sentences or with a drawing. Over the course of a monthly log, there will typically be four such reflections to complete. When filling out the Activity Log, students may choose to continue to identify the activity and time (see above), or they can just fill-in/color the box for each day that a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity has been achieved. 

    HELPFUL TIP: Keep the Activity Log displayed proudly on the refrigerator. Keep track of PE class, sports practices, recess, and all other physical activities! Each weekend, sit with your child and use the weekly reflection sheet to think about what activities were done that week, with whom, and how it made your child feel. You child can put thoughts into words, or may draw a picture to address the questions. 
    TURN IN YOUR LOG & REFLECTION SHEETS:  At the end of each month, I will order the Healthy Future incentive for all students who return a signed, qualifying log (a minimum of 15 days of 60 minutes or more activity per day) and the reflection sheets by that month's deadline.  (Rewards are shipped to the school, and are delivered to your child when I receive them.) 
    At the end of last year (May), we recognized all of the active achievements of our Little Wolves. For every completed Activity Log, your child had one raffle ticket entered in the grand prize drawing! The grand prize was a choice of prizes offered by Healthy Futures, with options including a Disc Golf set, a Cornhole game, Ladderball, etc. The incentives and prizes are fun and exciting! Just a little something beyond the ultimate reward of health & fitness, and the feeling of accomplishment that arises from achieving big goals!! 

    Here are a few hints when filling out the Activity Logs:

      1.   Keep the Activity Log is a place where you'll see it and be reminded. (The fridge is a great spot!)

       2.  Set aside a regular time to review your child's activity --- perhaps after you review your child's homework or just before bedtime.

       3.  Have your child tell you what heart-healthy activity s/he did that day.  Was it football practice?  Or a walk with dog?  Or a jump on the trampoline?  (Remember that PE class counts for 45 minutes! Active recess play counts for 30 minutes! So does Early Morning Movers!)

       4.  Discuss HOW best to fill in the box on the Log:  (a) color it in, or (b) write down the activity, or (c) create a code to identify the activity (PE45 = 45 minutes of PE class; B30 = 30 minutes of bicycling; BB60 = 60 minutes of basketball practice; etc.)

       5.  IMPORTANTONLY write in the box IF the activity totals a MINIMUM of 60 minutes!

    Please help your child to understand that Healthy Futures is not just about the "prizes."  Healthy Futures helps our children learn how to set a challenging goal, maintain a lengthy focus on the goal, and appreciate the feeling of accomplishment when the goal is achieved! 

    I know how busy life can get, but please do not fill our the Activity Log FOR your child, or allow your child to just color in the boxes as an art project.  Thank you for your partnership in Healthy Futures.  I believe in this program, but I cannot make it worthwhile without your support at home. 

    For more information, please check out the Healthy Futures website. 
    Just click the link below:
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