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  • Book Sharing Guidelines

*NOTE: There is NO BOOK requirement for MARCH. Students will be working on a Science Fair project.
  • NOTE:  If your student does not have permission to use FlipGrid or would like to share an oral book sharing, he/she will complete a visual aid project and present the book sharing orally in class.  Students will provide comments following the presentation.  Please let me know in advance, if your student would like to prepare this option.  

    Reading Fun
    Students will complete book sharing projects each month.  These projects are completed on FlipGrid.com.  At the beginning of each month, a book report contract will be given to each student.  This contract will need to be signed by the student, parent, and Dr. Durbin.  The contract is to ensure that everyone knows the expectations for the book sharing.  This contract also ensures the student is reading a "just right" independent reading level book based upon his/her lexile range.  Students MUST choose a book that has NOT been read in a prior month for each book sharing.  Students violating this expectation are engaging in "academic dishonesty", and will not receive credit for the assignment.
    A monthly assignment consists of reading at least 1 AR book, sharing this book on FlipGrid, commenting on at least 5 classmates' videos, and complete at least 1 AR quiz for the book(s) read that month. 
    Video Expectations:  Students should prepare for their video and rehearse before videotaping.  A book sharing should include information about the book (character, setting, plot), sharing favorite parts in the story, suggestions for a sequal, connections with the characters/story, questions to ask the author, sharing their opinion about the book, who would be interested in reading the book, etc.  The maximum video length is 5 minutes.
    If you have questions, remember to ask Dr. Durbin for clarification.

  •  Lexile Reading Level:  http://www.lexile.com 

    You will be able to locate tons of information at this website:


    • Find a book at your child's Lexile Level by hovering over "LexileTools" and clicking on "Find a Book". 
    • Find the Lexile score of a book your child is currently reading by entering the title into the "Quick Book Search" at the top right of the homepage.  Put the exact title or author in quotes. 
    • To learn more out about  Lexile scores click on "About Lexile Measures".
    • "Register" for free access to the latest and greatest Lexile learning resources.  You can also build and save reading lists or find the Lexile measure of your own texts (stories YOU read and write).

    Additional resources to locate Lexile reading levels


    Barnes & Noble 




    Scholastic 2


    Here are some additional resources to locate book titles that your child may be interested in reading.  You can use the resources above to locate the Lexile levels.  My favorite Lexile number finder is www.lexile.com


    Here are some websites to find book titles


     Battle of Books

    Newberry Award Books

Last Modified on September 4, 2019