• Choosing Just Right Books

    Finding a Just Right Book
    Find—Look at the cover, pictures, and pages to find a book you are interested in.

    Read—Use the 5 finger rule  by keeping count of any words you don't know.  
    Just Right Books are book that you won't count more that 5 words on the page.

    Ask questions—Do I understand what I am reading? Is it interesting?

    Choose—Yes? Read it   No? Start over

    I Pick

    I-I choose a book.
    P-Purpose-Why do I want to read it?
    I-Interest- Does it interest me?
    C-Comprehend- Do I understand what I am reading?
    K-Know-Do I know most of the words?

    Adapted from:
    Boushey, Gail and Joan Moser. The Daily 5:
    Fostering Literacy Independence in the Elementary Grades.
    Portland, ME: Stenhouse Publishers, 2006.

Last Modified on January 22, 2013