• Wasilla High School

    Physical Education Requirements



    • If you are too ill or injured to participate, you must present a note from a parent discussing any limitations. Without a parent or doctor’s note, you will dress out and participate in class to the best of your ability.
    • Injuries or illnesses that requires more than 3 days of non-participation in PE require a note from a doctor.
    • If you are absent due to participating in a school sponsored sport, submit a make-up form (option #3) within one week of absence.
    • If you have a long term illness or injury you may be withdrawn from P.E.


    ALL ATHLETES ARE REQUIRED TO DRESS OUT AND PARTICIPATE FULLY IN PE THE DAY OF A PRACTICE OR  EVENT UNLESS IT IS A REGIONAL OR  STATE COMPETITION.  Athletes who do not dress out and participate in PE will be referred to the activities office.


    Make Ups:

    • Must be completed and submitted within one week of absence unless arrangements are made with teacher.
    • Are only allowed for documented and legitimate absences.  See make up sheet for further guidance. 
    • Make up forms are located in weight room and on wall in gym.
    • Option #1 Held during Advisory on the track and/or weight room with specified staff member
    • Option #2 Hand written paper including the chosen article and grading rubric.
    • Option #3 School sponsored event - must be made up within one week of absence unless arrangements are made with teacher.



    Clothing: All students are required to “dress out” for every PE class.  PE clothing should consist of T-shirt, shorts or sweats, athletic shoes (tied tightly), and socks. Dress code for WHS dress code applies. If you are not dressed out you are still required to participate in the day’s activities. Sports Activities classes should be prepared to be outside when cold and wet.


    LockeroomsAll valuables should be left at home or locked in your hall locker.  Teachers are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Girls will be assigned lockers and locks.  Boys will be able to use lockers ONLY DURING CLASS TIME. Boys may either bring their own lock or buy a lock from the school. Any locks left on lockers in the boys’ locker room after class may be removed.


    • Cell Phones/Ipods/Electronics:  Electronics are not allowed during instructional time.
    • Class Time:    You must be in the gym or locker room before the final bell rings.  You will have 5 minutes to change your clothes and get to your PE area. You must remain on the gym floor or locker room until the final bell.
    • The gym:        You are encouraged to bring a water bottle to class every day. Food and drinks (other than water) are not allowed in the gym.  Athletic shoes are required for any activity on the gym floor at any time.





    Outdoor Recreation Syllabus

    Outdoor recreation class will work toward the School District’s last four Physical Education Standards.

    MSBSD Physical Education Standards as written…             A physically educated student =     …participates regularly in physical activity.…              achieves and maintains a health-enhancing level of fitness.…            exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings   and   values physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and/or social interaction.

    Outdoor Recreation Objectives/Goals:

    Students who successfully complete an Outdoor Recreation class at WHS will be able to ….… responsibly make fire and use it for camping purposes,  dress wisely for Alaskan winters,                plan and pack for an outdoor trip and                     readily list outdoor activities they enjoy.

    Outdoor Recreation is a semester-long class. The class will be a survey of a variety of outdoor activities. Some possible activities include frisbee, soccer, football, baseball, initiative games, hiking, skiing, orienteering, snowshoeing, camping skills, survival skills, backpacking, fire building, outdoor cooking, snow caving. Students should plan on going outside everyday during this class no matter the weather.  It is essential that students come prepared to class with the proper clothing and equipment.  The weather dictates what we do, so plans change with little notice. The Outdoor Recreation Store Room has twenty lockers that are available. A lock will need to be brought from home to secure your gear. Some students elect to store their gear in their car.  This semester we hope to take a camping or ski trip. Students will need to pay for transportation, fees and maybe some gear.


    Outdoor Recreation class lives The Warrior Way: Responsibility,               Excellence,          Dignity

    Social Contract : The class will develop a framework  for  class expectations.

    Some rule specifics

    Do not use live trees for class activities.  If you see a live branch on the ground, leave it there “Dead, down, and detached” is our motto.

    -Nobody is to drive or ride to class.

    -No cell phones or electronic devices during class.

    -No Foul language.

    Grades will be comprised of the following elements:  Work turned in late will be given a lower grade.

    1. Daily points 60% of the grade       Each class period you earn points.  Scores are based on effort, sportsmanship and technique/strategies. The following are some example of behaviors grades correlations.

    10 = Prepared/on time, maximum effort, beyond expectation; “can do” attitude; encouraging and inclusive, honest; honorable; respectful.

    9  = Prepared/on time, “can do” attitude, out of comfort zone, on the task; engaged; focused on skill for the day; encouraging and inclusive; improvement, honest; honorable; respectful.

    8  = Prepared/on time; expected effort; moderate pace; followed rules; improvement; honest; honorable; respectful

    7  = Prepared; minimal effort;  contributing little  to the activity/team; failing to adhere to or hold others to social contract; stagnant/no improvement.

    6  = Prepared; minimal effort to the activity/team;  frequently off task/disruptive;  failing to adhere to or hold others to social contract; no effort to improve.

    5 - 0  = Not prepared; tardy; lack of effort; cheating, argumentative; blaming others; inappropriate language; not participating; failure to comply with school rules; failure to adhere to social contract; non-attendance; put downs, even if followed by “just kidding.” Any of these behaviors may result in a grade of 5-0.

    1. Projects (examples: Sled building, Wooden Spoon, Book Report orArticle Summaries) 30% of the grade.
    2. Final Project 10%of your overall grade.


    I am looking forward to a great semester.      Nathan Ford                      352-8244                           nathan.ford@matsuk12.us


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