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    Find Accurate, Current, and Complete Information Online.
    ...But what's wrong with Google or Wikipedia?  Nothing!  They are great tools for some stages of research. However, the encyclopedia and databases below are constantly being checked to ensure they are reliable, accurate, and up-to-date. The time you spend searching will be diminished and you will find articles written by experts in their field.   In a word: excellent ...and you'll never have to deal with annoying pop-ups or advertisements.  
    Here are just a FEW examples of the the online resources available to you.  You will have access from any school computer.  See Mrs. Harrison for passwords to use at home.
    MSBSD Encyclopedia and Databases
    worldbook student preview image

    World Book Online Student- Access to encyclopedia without the weight.

    Culture Grams preview image
    Culture Grams- Geography and world culture resource.

    Statewide Library Educational Doorway (SLED)

    SLED Digital Pipeline preview image
    For a complete list of Databases available through the Alaska Library Network, visit the Digital Pipeline at http://sled.alaska.edu/databases/

    Student Research Center preview image
    EBSCO Student Research Center- One of the many EBSCO databases available to you.  Find articles, primary sources, maps, and more.
    Primary Sources

    Additional Research Tools

    Noodlebib- Keep track of your online research. Notes, bibliography, and more.
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