Agriculture Classes Offered at Palmer High School

  • Introduction to Agriculture

    Learn about the business and science of producing food, fiber, and fuel.  Enjoy hands on experiences learning about animals and plant production.  Experience processing foods and learning about the local food economy.


  • Animal Science

    This class primarily focuses on livestock and covers some body systems. There are MANY hands-on opportunities with animals coming in on an almost weekly basis!

    Milking a Goat

    Veterinary Science

    Join us as we look into the world of pets and various veterinary practices. Students even have the chance to bring in their own pets when we practice various restraints and veterinary practices.

    Student Giving Lamb Vaccine


  • Plant Science

    This class empowers you to understand the world of plants and use those skills for later classes.  Collect wild seeds, propagate a succulent, and perform hands on experiments to understand plant growth.

    Greenhouse Production

    Experience business principles firsthand and run our famous Spring Plant Sale.  Learn hydroponics, business planning, marketing, and tree grafting.

    Landscape Design

    Learn how to design, construct, and maintain a landscape.  Includes working with small engines, water features, and implementing a design every spring.
  • Forestry

    What do you need to know to be a forester? We look at tree identification, tool identification, how to measure trees, board feet, forest fire management, parasites, career exploration, and much more! 



    Natural Resources

    In this class we study soil, forestry, aquatics, and wildlife. A quick overview of each provides opportunities to test the pH of various water samples, look at the soil around school grounds, learn more about the behavior of wild animals, and more.


  • Welding Classes

    Palmer High provides various levels of welding classes. We provide the opportunity to learn a new skill, perfect different types of welding, learn the science/math/basics of welding, and even work toward certification.

    Student Welding

  • Want to learn more about the classes? Contact the agriculture teachers:

    Cody Beus:

    Corinne Henderson:

Last Modified on May 7, 2020