Palmer High School has developed several policies that apply to both the IB Diploma Program and Palmer High School in general.  Those polices are:


    Access Policy- The access policy outlines which students, and under which circumstances, students can participate in the IB Diploma Program.


    Assessment Policy - This policy outlines how all assessment works at Palmer High, both within and outside of the IB Diploma Program.


    Inclusion Policy - This policy outlines the steps that are taken to ensure as many students as possible have the ability to participate in the IB Diploma Program.


    Academic Integrity Policy - The Academic Integrity Policy outlines what constitutes academic integrity and academic dishonesty and the consequences of submitting work in violation of the policy.


    Language Policy - The Language Policy outlines how languages are taught and honored at Palmer High, including languages spoken by students at home but not taught in school.



    Palmer High School uses several calendars to organize our academic and extracurricular events.  Please review the links and definitions provided below.

    Academic Calendar - this calendar is published by the Mat-Su Borough School District and outlines which days of the year are student contact, holiday, teacher conference, and professional development days.


    IB Exam Calendar - In November/December of each year, after exam registrations have taken place, the IBO publishes the calendar for IB Exams in May of that school year.  This calendar is for Palmer High students registered to take IB exams; this calendar is specific to PHS and only includes the days and times of our exams, not the IBO as a whole.


    IB Internal Assessment Calendar - In March and in April all of the non-exam assessments for the IBO are due.  In order to prevent students from having multiple big deadlines all occurring on the same day or in the same week, Palmer High teachers work to spread their assessments out over the school year.  This calendar shows when those assessments are started and due each year.


    Activities Calendar - Maintained by our Activities Director, this calendar shows when extra-curricular events (from sports games to music concerts) will be held during the school year.



    Additional Resources

    Want to learn more about the IB program?  These links are a great place to start:  

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Last Modified on May 22, 2023