• Palmer High School offers options within Group 4: Experimental Sciences on a rotating basis which takes student interest and instructor availability into account. Check with the counseling department to learn what options are available this year.
    Biology 1 and 2, taught by Mr Niekamp:

    IB Biology focuses on four themes: structure and function, universality vs. diversity, equilibrium, and evolution.  These topics are used to unite a wide range of biology concepts from the molecular to the system level.

    Chemistry, taught by Mrs. Grenawalt:

    Chemistry offers students an opportunity to study the principles and concepts of the discipline while also engaging in practical and skill building lab work.

    Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) taught by Mrs Williams:

    ESS presents topics that include the ecosystem, human population, conservation and biodiversity, pollution management, global warming and environmental value systems. ESS is a transdisciplinary course, meeting the requirements of both Group 3 and Group 4.



Last Modified on May 26, 2023