• Students have two options within Group 3: Social Sciences: U.S. History, History of the Americas, and The World in the 20th Century, taught by Ms. King (juniors) and Mr. Bishop (seniors), and Philosophy, taught by Mr. Fournier.

    U.S. History is the beginning of a three-part study of the people and events that help shape American into what it is today.

    History of the Americas centers on the following themes: History and Politics, Society and Culture, and Economics and Technology.  This course examines the ways in which Latin America, the United States and Canada contributed to the shaping of the Americas.

    History: 20th Century World covers causes, practices, and effects of war.  This course also presents information on the rise of single-party states, the Cold War, and Communism in Crisis.


    Philosophy includes the study, discussion of, and writing about topics that range from philosophical issues and ethics, morals and culture, to knowledge and reason.


    Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) presents topics that include the ecosystem, human population, conservation and biodiversity, pollution management, global warming and environmental value systems. ESS is a transdisciplinary course, meeting the requirements of both Group 3 and Group 4.

    ***ESS is not being offered during the 2017-2018 school year.   


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