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          • American Charter Academy


            Achieving academic excellence. . . .the American Way!!!!

            AMC is currently accepting applications for SY25.   

            New to American Charter Informational Night - Thursday, April 4, 24 @ 6pm - Downstairs at AMC

             Learn more about AMC and meet other interested families.


            If you are interested in American Charter, please call our front office for enrollment information!  

            AMC Front Office:    907-352-0150


            We believe in the American "Can Do" Spirit.
            Anyone can be successful if they are willing to work.

            Close to Perfect, Far from Normal.

            Don't Forget - on Friday wear your RED shirt (Remembering Everyone Deployed)

             Red Shirt Friday's with Mrs. Beech and Mrs. Hoppe

            Mrs. Beech, Mrs. Hoppe and their students show their American Charter pride with their RED shirt Friday's salute to our deployed servicemembers.


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