Mat-Su Career and Technical High School

    Fitness Activities                                                     




    Instructor name:                    James Smith/Joe Gardner, PE

    Phone Number:                      (907)352-0421/352-0420

    Email:                                     james.smith@matsuk12.us  joe.gardner@matsuk12.us


    Fitness Activities is designed to introduce students to various employment opportunities in the Fitness Field. Students interested in careers in fitness are encouraged to take this class because of close relationship between these careers and fitness care. This class provides students with basic information that is important to all aspects of physical fitness and personal hygiene.


    By the end of this course the student will:

    • Gain knowledge of fitness career opportunities.
    • Develop and maintain healthy activities and personal hygiene.
    • Develop career goals through career exploration, research, and presentation.
    • Evaluate the effects of communication skills required to succeed in the fitness field.
    • Exhibit proficiency in understanding the beginning concepts of medical terminology.
    • Describe and compare the different stages of normal human development.
    • Nutrition information will be studied focusing on daily nutrition.
    • Understand the proper usage and proper care of equipment.
    • Apply all safety procedures involved with training.



    Daily work/homework  70%                           

    Tests and Quizzes                     20%

    Employability skills                    10%



    A  (100-90%)  Superior Achievement

    B  (89-80%)    Good Achievement

    C  (79-70%)    Average Achievement

    D  (69-60%)    Poor Achievement

    F  (59-50%)     Failure/No Credit


    Each day of class is worth 5 pts:  The following is the breakdown:


    1pt. Employability-Being on time and prepared, failure to achieve either one of these results in no points.


    4 pt. Daily Participation:  Attendance, Effort, Citizenship, Knowledge, Teamwork





    At Mat-Su Career and Technical High School we strive to prepare students for adult life by teaching skills and behaviors that will be valued in the workplace.  The following expectations are stressed in all of Mr. Smith’s classes.


    v  Attendance – Be here on time each day, prepared to work, dressed appropriately.

    v  Respect – Use appropriate language; be honest and truthful, and respectful of peers and adults.

    v  Safety – Follow safety rules and procedures, keep work area orderly.

    v  Responsibility – Complete work on time, follow directions, and contribute to the class discussion.

    v  Quality – Show determination to complete tasks, be consistent in quality.

    v  Team – Work as a productive team member and communicate in a caring way.


    Make-up work

    §  Absences due to illness, vacations, doctor’s appointments, etc. are unexcused and the students will receive a zero for the day.

    §  Students who choose not to dress out will receive a score of a 0 and are not able to make up the work  

    §  It is the student’s responsibility to initiate contact with the teacher to get make up work, all extracurricular or co-curricular activities are excused.




    Please sign and return this information sheet with your student.  Your signature acknowledges that you have read and understand the course syllabus.  If you have questions concerning its contents, please note them at the bottom of this sheet or you can email or call.


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