• Construction




    Construction Trades Part 1

    Prerequisite: Algebra 1 or Int. Math 1 or concurrent enrollment

    Introduces the concepts of residential construction by providing hands-on training to students who will learn about safety, hand power tools, and materials. Students will build footings, frame walls, and apply siding, roofing and trim. All of the work is done "in the field" on a job site of a marketable residential home. Recommended Courses: Introduction to Construction, Cabinet Making and Woods 1 or Technical Drafting 1.

    Construction Trades Part 2

    Construction Trades—Part 2 focuses on the finish side of residential construction. Students will actively participate in finishing the framed house built by the first part of construction trades. Students will learn how the various parts of a house integrate together to make a marketable, street appealing, energy efficient home. In addition, students will have an opportunity to gain expert advice by working together with private

    Introduction to Construction

    Introduction to Construction covers the use of carpentry tools, construction tools, and instruments as well as the processes involved in construction. Basic mathematical procedures commonly used in the construction crafts are included. Safety is stressed throughout the course. Certification from the NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) core curriculum is available.

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