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    Name: Chris Taylor
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    Four levels of Technical Drafting are offered each a semester in length.  Level III and IV culminate with a drafting and design competition.  AutoCad and Revit software are primarily used in these courses.  Students get an opportunity to explore both Mechanical and Architectural Drafting.

    On a separate note, Personal Finance will be the most important class a student will take in High School. It seems we do quite well at providing students with the skills to earn income, however often fail to train them on what to do with the income once they actually receive it.  Your son or daughter should not leave CTHS without taking this course.  
    Mr. Taylor's Schedule for 2018-2019
    Technical Drafting I & II
    Rm# 136
    Plan Period
    Rm# 136
    Personal Finance
    Rm# 136
    Architectural Drafting I-IV
    Rm# 136
    Technical Drafting III-IV
    Rm# 136
    Technical Drafting I and II
    Rm# 136
    7 Personal Finance Rm# 136
    Mr. Taylor
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    -Technical Drafting I-II
    -Technical Drafting III-IV
    Personal Finance


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