Mat-Su Career & Technical High School

    Fall 2008-2009

    Course Outline



    TEACHER:    MRS. SARAH PARKS                     SEMESTER: FIRST








    1.      Establish employer contacts and job opportunities.

    2.      Cooperate with the workplace instructor and teacher-coordinator,

    engage in the work as a learning experience,  & observe business etiquette.

    3.      Demonstrate the qualities of a good work ethic and a responsible employee.

    4.      Develop positive employee and employer relations.

    5.      Identify a potential career of interest within the career cluster and needed education and training requirements.

    6.      Identify safety procedures at the work site and labor laws that affect students in the workplace.

    7.      Adhere to the developed training agreement and training plan for the given work site.

    8.      Complete necessary evaluation and follow-up forms.

    9.      Demonstrate and develop technical job skills needed for employment.

    10.  Document 225 hours of employment over a 15-week period for each ½ credit.

    11.  Document 450 hours of employment over a 15-week period for each 1 credits.

    12.  Document 675 hours of employment over a 15-week period for each 1& 1/2 credits.

    13.  Students are allowed to take the work co-op class 1st, 2nd,3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th,  or 7th period depending on the other classes they are taking.  If they are a senior they can take the work co-op class and be off campus.






    COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course is a junior/senior level class that allows students to be employed through a paid work setting in one of the following 16 areas listed below.  Vocational classes related to the career cluster need to be taken before the Co-op experience.  The school district coordinator, employer, and student will help develop technical competencies, career goals, and a training plan.     

    Circle one of the following as your pathway:          


    Business, Management & Administration –

    Hospitality & Tourism – 93335

    Marketing, Sales & Service – 9325

    Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources -

    Architecture & Construction -

    Arts, Audio-Visual Technology & Communication -

    Education & Training -

    Finance - 9330

    Government & Public Administration -

    Health Science -

    Human Services -

    Information Technology - 9320

    Law, Public Safety & Security -

    Manufacturing -

    Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics -

    Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics -





                      August Time Sheet:        Due September 5

                      September Time Sheet:`  Due October 10

                      October Time Sheet:        Due November 7

                      November Time Sheet:    Due December 5

                      December Time Sheet:    Due December12




    Students will receive a “P” for Passing.  No letter grades are given for Work Coop.



    *Students must be at school for that day’s work hours to count.

    *Juniors who are not yet 17 years of age will need a work permit.

    *After 5 hours of work, you must take a (can be unpaid) 30 minute break if you are under 18 years of age.

    *Submit a resume. Use Microsoft Word.

    *Work for at least 15 weeks and a total of 225 hours per semester for 1/2 credit.

    *Work for at least 15 weeks and a total of 450 hours per semester for 1 credit.

    *Work for at least 15 weeks and a total of 675 hours per semester for 1.5 credits.

    *Secure employment and remain employed in a job which is related to your occupational goals and pathway.

    *Complete the application and reporting forms as provided by Mrs. Parks.











          Please detach this portion and return it with parent/guardian signature.


          I have read the above information and understand what is expected of me in this class. 

          Work Co-op  – Mrs. Parks


          Student’s Name – Printed Neatly___________________________________________


          Student Signature   ______________________________Date____________


          Student Cell Phone #     _____________________________________


          Student E-mail Address (Use All Caps)     ________________________________________


          Parent Signature    ______________________________Date____________


          Name Of Work Coop Employer  _______________________________________________


          Telephone of Work Coop Employer_____________________________________________


          Physical Location of Work Coop Employer_______________________________________





    Your student’s success is a shared responsibility among all of us.  Please contact me (Mrs. Parks) at sarah.parks@matsuk12.usor at school – 352-0416.



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