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    Library Media Center Vision

    The mission of the Houston High School library media program is to ensure that all students and staff become literate, life-long learners and effective and responsible users of ideas and information. 


    Library Media Center Program Goals
    1. Provide a  library program that is primarily a source for information and curriculum support. 

     2. Provide a library program that functions as the information center for the school by providing access to a full range of information resources, in both traditional and electronic format, and opportunities to acquire information literacy skills and integrated and interdisciplinary learning activities which support the curriculum.

    3. Maintain a welcoming and user friendly environment for students & staff in the library.

    4. Provide Information Literacy skills training to teachers and students.

    5. Provide a library collection that supports students interests & curriculum.
    Desired Learner Results for Students

    1. Students demonstrate the skill & confidence to locate, evaluate, interpret and communicate information or life-long learning, personal enjoyment and to solve information problems.

    2. Students demonstrate information literacy skills including the respect of intellectual property rights and the ethical use of information and information technology.

    3. Students demonstrate information literacy skills necessary to access information on local, state, national & world issues in print and electronic format in order to make informed decisions.

    4. Students recognize and select materials in print & electronic format appropriate to personal abilities & interests.

    5. Students demonstrate information literacy skills and critical thinking processes necessary to analyze information and opinions in order to understand how newly acquired information relates to oneself & others. 


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