• Biology Course Syllabus


    Instructor:                  Tim Lussow

    Course Title:               Biology



    Course description:  Biology is the study of life. This class will cover a wide range of topics from the cellular basis of life, human systems, and the Earth's environment. Students are expected to improve on their work habits gained during their freshman year, increase their skills with computer applications, and Internet research during this school year.


    Specific topics covered in class include:

    ·        Biological Principles – scientific method, measurements, chemistry and biochemistry

    ·        Cells – structure, function, homeostasis, photosynthesis and cellular respiration

    ·        Genetics – Mendel, monohybrid crosses, DNA, RNA, protein synthesis, gene expression, inheritance and DNA technology

    ·        Ecology – populations, species interactions, ecosystems and environmental science

    ·        Evolution – origins of life, evolution of populations and speciation, human evolution, classification

    ·        Microorganisms – bacteria, viruses, protozoa, algae and fungi

    ·        Plants – plant evolution and classification, plant structure and function

    ·        Animals – invertebrate and vertebrate animals, evolution and classification, anatomy and physiology


    Course Textbooks:    Glenco Science Biology by Alton Biggs, Glenco/McGraw-Hill, 2009. 


    Classroom Expectations:  Students are expected to be on time, have the preparatory work completed for class that day, and have necessary supplies including a dark pen or pencil, a spiral notebook with 3 sections or three-ring binder with dividers, folder or binder for handouts,  textbook, ruler, calculator and colored pencils.  Be respectful of everyone, raise your hand to speak during class discussion, do not engage in side discussion with classmates during lectures or class discussions, and leave food, drink, music players, toys and other non-essential items in your locker or at home.


    Absences: If you are going to be absent, your parent or guardian must notify the school at 861-5500.  On return to class you need make up for lost work.  This includes getting copies of lectures or discussions you missed from another student in the class. 


    Grades:  Points are accumulated through the semester; your goal should be to accumulate as many points as possible. 


    Grades will be figured according to the following scale:

    A = 100-90% Superior achievement

    B = 89-80 Above average achievement

    C = 79-70 Average achievement

    D = 69-60 Below average achievement

    F = 59-0 Failure to successfully complete coursework



    Unit Tests:  A comprehensive exam will be given at the end of each unit.  There will be no retakes.  Unit tests will be averaged together and will receive the same weight.


    Semester Final: A cumulative final will be given at the end of each semester.  This test will be averaged in with unit tests and will carry approximately twice the weight of a unit test.


    Projects and Labs: Projects and labs is a large portion of your grade. Projects will require both in-class and out-of-class time.  Prior to starting a project, you will be given a list of guidelines and expectations for the project.


    Late work: No late work will be accepted on homework assignments.  All late work on larger projects will be reduced by 50% for each day late. Exceptions would include absences for a school-related activity.


    Contact Me:

    E-mail works best for me, so it is important that you fill out the bottom portion of this form with your home and/or work e-mail address and have your student return it to me.  e-mail address:  Tim.Lussow@matsuk12.us 









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