•  Colony High School Alaska Wildlife Syllabus

     Instructor:      Tim Lussow

    Grade Level:  9-12


    Course description:  Alaska wildlife is a semester long course that will focus on Alaska wildlife and the natural history of Alaska. This class will cover a wide range of topics from the land and marine animals of Alaska, impact of humans on wildlife, land use ethics, wildlife rules and regulations and Alaska’s changing environment.


    Specific topics covered in class include:

    ·        Alaska’s animals – invertebrate and vertebrate animals, evolution and classification, anatomy and physiology

    ·        Land animals- birds, mammals, amphibians, and others

    ·        Marine animals- fish, invertebrates, marine mammals, birds

    ·        Ethical decision making related to land use in Alaska. ANWR, global warming, subsistence, commercial fishing, bear baiting, aerial wolf hunting, ect…  

    ·        Ecology – populations, species interactions, ecosystems and environmental science

    ·        Evolution –evolution of populations and speciation


    Text-The Nature of Alaska, An Introduction to Familiar Plants, Animals & Outstanding Natural Attractions, Kavanagh, James, Waterford Press, 2005



    Supplies- Each student will need a spiral notebook specifically for this class and something to write with.  You must bring this to class everyday.


    Grades:  Points are accumulated through the semester; your goal should be to accumulate as many points as possible.  Approximately 350 points will be possible in this semester.  

    -Article reviews- Each student is required to read 2 magazine articles from wildlife/conservation magazines and complete an “Article Review Sheet”. 20 points each
    -Employability points- Students will start with 25 points.  These points will be deducted for lack of attention, sleeping in class, phone/electronic use during class, improper lab procedures, horseplay, and disrespectful behavior.  You are required to pay attention!
    -Midterm Exam will be cumulative. You may use your notes on this exam
    -Final Exam will be cumulative. You may use your notes on this exam.
    *Grades will be figured according to the following scale: A= 90-100%, B= 80-89%, C= 70-79%, D= 59.5-69 % F= 59.49%-below
    Late work: All unexcused late work will receive half credit if received in a reasonable amount of time.  

    Contact me: Tim.lussow@matsuk12.us 






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