• Follow My Leader Day
    Spring 2009

        All the students at Butte Elementary School read "Follow My Leader" by James B. Garfield, a book about a boy who loses his vision, learns to read using Braille and eventually gets a dog guide. The special event at the end of this Library unit was Follow My Leader Day.

          Follow My Leader 
    Day was a great school-wide set of presentations set up in stations in the school gym. By the end of the day, each child in the school wrote braille, felt braille books, wore glasses simulating different types of visual impairments, met a dog guide and his owner, and learned to use a cane from a high school student who is legally blind.      
          Our Program  for the Visually Impaired helped run the whole thing. We invited the Lion's Club to run two of the stations: Low Vision, complete with glasses and magnifiers, as well as Paul and his dog guide. They were a hit!
         Both elementary and high school students in our Program of the Visually Impaired helped make the day complete. A Colony High School student created a presentation and directed the Orientation and Mobility cane demonstration and practice. The blindfolded kids loved maneuvering around him as he sat on the floor, trusting guy that he is.
           An elementary student who is blind was our Braille Expert, showing her braille reading and writing prowess when she wasn't busy attending the learning stations herself. It was a wonderful day where some of our students taught along with the teachers. Great job, everyone!

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