Welcome to the 2020 Colony High Swim and Dive team!

    The swim and dive coaches expect 100% practice attendance. This means being dressed-out and ready to go with water bottle filled, shoes tied, etc. for dryland practice and suit on, cap on showered with water bottle filled, and goggles ready to pull down over your eyes for pool time!

    Swim Practice Starts @ 4:15pm /Ends @ 5:45      Dryland Practice:  Starts @ 6:15pm/Ends @ 7:45

    Only CHS eligible swimmers and divers are permitted in the pool.  Pool time is especially critical and limited, therefore, please be respectful and use after practice time to discuss concerns or ask questions. Parent spectators will not be allowed in the pool during practices unless they are performing critical team functions this year. Spectators during competition is still under discussion and planning


    ATTENDANCE:  Athletes are expected to attend all scheduled practices and meets.  If you attend school, you are expected to attend practice and/or a meet.  Please be sure to make appointments outside of practice times.  If it is absolutely necessary (doctor, orthodontic) to make an appointment after school, it is preferred to use dryland time vs. pool time.  Hair appointments, powder puff football practice, senior pictures, shopping, JROTC, etc. are not excused!  Exceptions that may occur i.e., family wedding, funeral, etc., must be approved by the coaches.

    Subsistence Hunting: Due to the nature of Alaska Culture Athletes will be permitted five excused practices if they are substance hunting. These absences need to be pre-arranged with the coaching staff.  Subsequent practices will be counted as unexcused.

    ILLNESS:  If an athlete is ill at home, or becomes ill during the school day, please communicate with your coach. You can leave a written note at the front office, call, send a text message or an email.  Sending a verbal message with a teammate is not acceptable! If you are not well enough to come to school, or stay in school, you are not well enough to be at practice. If you are sick STAY HOME and communicate with coach Penoyar. We need to be extra vigilant this year. Swimmers exhibiting symptoms of illness will be asked to leave practice. Coaches will we understanding if you miss practice. If you are sick you will be required to test negative for Covid 19 before returning to practice. 

    COMPETITION ELIGIBILITY:  If the team is leaving for an away meet, in order to maintain eligibility, athletes must be in attendance for ALL scheduled classes prior to departure.  For example; if the team is leaving at noon, athletes must in attendance from 7:45 a.m. until they are dismissed from class to load the bus.  If the team is leaving in the morning before school starts, athletes must be in attendance for ALL scheduled classes the day prior to the team departing for the meet.  If there is a doctor’s appointment during the day of departure or the day prior, please check in advance with Coach Penoyar to get approval.


    Please utilize before school and advisory for make-up work! Grades and eligibility are priorities, but swim practice and team travel are not excuses for poor grades.  Athletes have time before school, during advisory, on the bus, and before, during and after meets to study and do schoolwork.  A good student-athlete manages there time well and keeps their up to par!  In addition, during our stays we will have study times, so be sure to get your assignments from your teachers before we leave for a meet!

    Good grades are the responsibility of the athlete!

    Eligibility: a G.P.A. of 2.0 or better and passing at least 5 classes (4 for seniors) is required.

    SWIM/DIVE MEETS:  Meets are a mandatory part of the swim & dive team.  It is the duty and responsibility of the coaches to determine individual swim and dive entries, the best relay combinations, and what is best for the team for each meet. Coaches will challenge you to swim other events, try new dives.  The end goal is that every swimmer and diver is placed in their best events for individual success, as well as, team success. 

    Covid Meet mitigation plan is under development. Swimmers who are not competing will need to have access to a dry warm place outside the pool. This will likely be in a personal or family vehicle.

    Entries are submitted several days in advance of the date of the meet.  Changes to the meet entries are difficult and not always possible.  Athletes will know at least one day prior to the competition and should not expect changes.

    Every swimmer is expected to be in the waiting area least 2 heats prior to their event! In the event that a swimmer intentionally misses a race without coach’s approval, the swimmer will be automatically ineligible for their next event.

    Swimmers who are not racing will be expected to be supporting their teammates as best they can. Swimmers found not supporting their teammates during the duration of the meet will likely be entered in the 500.

    ATTITUDE:  As a member of the CHS Swim & Dive Team, athletes and parents represent Colony High School and our swim/dive team.  All athletes and parents are expected to be respectful to each other, to coaches, bus drivers, pool staff, other teams, school administration, as well as, restaurant, B&B and hotel staff.  All facilities used will be treated respectfully and left better than we found it!  Pick-up after yourself and your team!

    Our job as coaches is not only to help create successful athletes, but respectful, productive citizens.  We expect all athletes to be positive, helpful, problem-solving, yet independent individuals that can work together as a team.  Together we can accomplish great things!

    LOCKER ROOMS:  Due to Covid mitigation plans all swimmers and divers need to be out of the locker room at 4:05 sharp for cleaning. We will stage as a team in the bleachers with your lane group.

    CELL PHONE USAGE IS PROHIBITED!  Use of any recording device in any locker room, including cell phones, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and is grounds for dismissal from the team.

    Locker rooms are for showering and changing only!  Goofing around, horseplay, or harassment of others of any kind is not allowed!  Locker room privileges will be lost or suspended.

    Complaints from any pool staff at any facility, about rudeness, insubordination, or general disrespectfulness will result in a 2 day suspension from pool practice. It will still be mandatory to attend and do homework in the bleachers.  If such behavior would occur at a meet and it is determined to be extreme, the athlete will be suspended for the remainder of the meet and possible school sanctions applied.

    BUS TRANSPORTATION:  Transportation will be provided for swimmers & divers to and from away meets.  Exception would be those meets held at Palmer Pool.  Following a meet, athletes may ride home with their parent(s) once the coach is notified and athlete and parent are seen together, at that point responsibility is then that of the parent.  If an athlete is riding home with someone other than their own parent/guardian, it is mandatory that a written request is approved by Mr. Boyd or a school administrator prior to our departure from CHS.

    TARDINESS:  Swimmers need to be on deck @ 4:05. Pool practice starts promptly at 4:15!  If a swimmer is not IN the water AND swimming by 4:15 they will be required to do 20 burpees for each minute they were late at the end of practice.  ** (i.e., 3 minutes late = 60 p.u. On the 2nd offense the push-ups double (i.e., 3 min. = 120 p.u.)  On the 3rd offense it will triple, on the 4th offense it will be considered an unexcused absence.

    CELL PHONES:   Communication is essential, but there is no place for cell phones during practices or meets.  I expect cell phones to be turned off and put away on the bus.  If necessary, I will collect all cell phones on the bus and I will collect cell phones at “lights out” on road trips.   We are a team and need to act like a team and communicate with each other!  Parents, you will be provided the necessary information/itinerary at least a day prior to our departure for a road trip; do not expect I will be checking or answering emails at practice or while traveling.  If there is an emergency and you need to get in touch with your athlete or a coach, you may call or text me.  Otherwise, “talk to me” before or after practice, or before or after the meet.



    1st Unexcused absence = athlete will not travel or compete in the next competition.

    2nd Unexcused absence = athlete is ineligible for lettering

    3rd Unexcused absence = removal from the team.


    VARSITY LETTERING:  It is a privilege and an honor to be awarded a varsity letter.  It represents respectfulness, hard work, determination and perseverance!  Swimming and diving take a great deal of commitment, as well as, hard work.  Colony High is in a very large and tough region of competition. Consequently, it is an accomplishment to make it to finals, even B finals in our region.  The following is the criteria for lettering on the swim/dive team:

    1. Compete in A or B finals at Region Championships. This can be individually or as a competing member of a relay team.
    2. Break a school record.
    3. Compete as member of a qualifying state relay team.
    4. Compete on the team for all 4 years of high school.
    5. Have 100% Practice attendance including no excused absences
    6. The athlete must meet at least one of the above criteria and be in good standing without disciplinary school sanctions and without unexcused absences.


    Coaches: Please Contact Coaches Via Email First. Phone numbers are to be used only in urgent circumstances.

    Swimming = Patrick Penoyar  360-490-4496, Patrick.Penoyar@matsuk12.us

    Assistant = James Grogan  530 - 300 3442, James@gorogan.com

    Diving Coach = Emily Worley - 907-355-0543, emily.worley@matsuk12.us

    Volunteer Coach = David Kolberg - 907-982-9730


    ZERO TOLERANCE!!  Hazing, freshman initiation, cyber-bullying, bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, or any inappropriate behavior will be cause for school sanctions including suspension, termination from the team and/or expulsion from school.


    In addition to the team guidelines, I _______________________________,  as an athlete understand the Alaska State Activities Association (ASAA.org), Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District and Colony High School student handbook guidelines, policies and procedures will be followed.  I, the undersigned athlete have read and understand the 2020 swim/dive team guidelines and agree to abide by them.  I also understand that if I do not abide by these guidelines, policies and procedures, that there will be consequences for my actions.

    Athlete’s Name (printed) _____________________________________

    Athlete’s Signature: _________________________________________

    Athlete’s cell number: ________________________________________

    Athlete’s email address: ______________________________________


    In addition to the team guidelines, I ________________________________,  as a parent understand that the Alaska State Activities Association (ASAA.org), Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District and Colony High School student handbook guidelines, policies and procedures will be followed.  I, the undersigned parent(s) have read and understand the 2020 swim/dive team guidelines and agree to abide by them and support my athlete, and the coaches throughout the season.  I understand that if my athlete does not abide by these guidelines, policies and procedures, that there will be consequences for their actions. 

    I also, agree to do my best to help-out in any way that I can, whether volunteering as an official, timing at meets, helping with fundraisers, or organizing the end of the season team banquet, etc.

    I agree to communicate clearly with the coaches if any issues arise, and be willing to be part of the solution, not part of the problem in order to resolve these issues.

    Parent’s Name(s) (printed): __________________________________, __________________________________

    Parent’s Signature: _________________________________

    Parent’s Signature: _________________________________

    Parent’s cell number: (mom / dad - circle one)____________________________

    Parent’s cell number: (mom /dad – circle one) ____________________________

    Parent’s email address: (mom / dad – circle one) _____________________________________

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