• Requirements for Comp FB Cheer

    Varsity Cheer Requirements:
    • Run a mile in 9:15 or less
    • Complete 45 Sit-ups in One minute
    • Complete 25 Push-ups in a row (without stopping or pausing)
    • Standing Back Handspring
    • Round-off Back Handspring
    • Above level Toe Touch
    • SHARP motion technique and placement
    • Regular attendance to fundraisers and camps
    • Positive Attitude towards peers and coaches
    • GREAT enthusiasm for Colony High School!
    Junior Varsity Requirements:
    • Run a mile in 10:25 or less
    • Complete 40 Sit-ups in One Minute
    • Complete 15 Push-ups in a row (without stopping or pausing)
    • Know how to execute: Jump approach, Toe Touch, Front Hurdler, Side Hurdler, Pike and Landing
    • Coordination Tumbling: Ex. Round-off Toe Touch
    • Know motion placement
    • Regular attendance to Fundraisers and Camps
    • Show Spirit for Colony High School!
    • Positive attitude towards peers & coaches
    ** Please note...I, Jasmine Talbot, have the final say on team rosters throughout the season. No position is final (in other words, always be working on your skills).
    **You do NOT automatically make varsity if you have a back handspring and/or round off back handspring.  You must show and complete all other requirements listed above in order to be part of this team.**
    **You do NOT automatically make Varsity or JV if you were on the team last year.  All former squad members must tryout again and have the above requirements to make either team.**
Last Modified on July 24, 2020