• Kristy Johnston          

    Phone: 907-861-5507
    Email: kristy.johnston@matsuk12.us

    Peter Olson

    Peter Olson

    Assistant Principal
    Phone: 907-861-5553
    Email: peter.olson@matsuk12.us

    Peter Olson oversees counseling and curriculum. 

    Tony Brooke

    Assistant Principal of Discipline & Safety
    Phone: 907-861-5553
    Email: anthony.brooke@matsuk12.us

    Tony Brooke oversees the safety and security of the building and events and is the primary principal in charge of day to day discipline.

    Dale Ewart

    Activities Principal 
    Phone: 907-861-5515
    Email: edward.ewart@matsuk12.us  

    Dale Ewart oversees Activity Accounts, Activities Coverage Assignments, Activity Supervision, ASAA Liaison, Clubs/ Activities/ Sports & Colony Building Scheduling on ArbiterLive, Coach Evaluations, Coaches' Liaison with School Community, Fundraising for Colony Activities Department, Community Relations, Co-Curricular Programs, Extra Curricular Stipends/Contracts, Student Eligibility, Activity Reader Board, P.A. System Set-up, Region III Meeting Representative, Scheduling of Officials & Scorekeepers, and Transportation  

    Pat O'Neal

    Phone: 907-861-5450
    Email: pat.oneal@matsuk12.us

    Activity Supervision, Attendance & Discipline Investigation and Referrals, Emergency Drills & Response Planning, Harassment Referrals & Interventions, In-School Suspension, Lunch Supervision/Hall Duty, Parking Violations, Saturday School, Smoking/Tobacco Referrals, Student Mediations, Tardies, Truancy, Work Details, and Processing of Work Orders

    Julie Link



    Administrative Secretary
    Phone: 907-861-5510

    Activity Account Deposits, Front Office Reception, Keys, Payroll, Personnel, Purchasing and Receiving, School Budget Accounts/Reimbursements, Substitute Coordinator and Teacher Supply Requests

    Jennifer Bostick

    School Registrar
    Phone: 907-861-5505
    Email: jennifer.bostick@matsuk12.us
    Enrollment/Withdrawal of Students, Grade Input, Report Cards, Student Count, Student Records and Transcripts

    Steve Reynolds

    Activities Clerk
    Phone: 907-861-5514
    Email: Steve.Reynolds@matsuk12.us

    Activity Accounts- Balances & Disbursements, Updates Activities Website, Production of Awards/Certificates, Student Eligibility, Athlete/ Participant Registration for Sports/ Activities/ Clubs on Planet HS, ASAA State Eligibility, Fundraising for Activities Department, and Front Office/Reception Support


    Julie Wilcox

    Success Coach

    Email: Julie.Wilcox@matsuk12.us

    Tricia Reaves

     Tricia Reaves
    Secretary of Counseling
    Phone: 907-861-5420  

    Assist with Development of Master Schedule, Assist with Student Schedules, iParent accounts access codes, Back-Up for Nurse, Coordinate College Visits, Coordinate Parent Teacher Conferences, Scheduling of Counselor Appointments, Scholarships and Supervision of Office Aides


    Dorothy Wilson

    Dorothy Wilson  
    Front office Secretary-Attendance
    Phone: 907-861-5517  
    Email: dorothy.wilson@matsuk12.us
    Mara Robles
    Front Office Secretary
    Front Office/Reception, Lockers, Parking Permits for Students/Staff, and CHS Daily Bulletin