• Shelly  Youngberg
    S.T.E.M  Teacher - Grades 6, 7, 8
    Wasilla Middle School 
     Room  132

    Q4 Distance Education Grading Rubric

    Q 4 -- S.T.E.M.  Class Codes for Class
    Period 1:  msoln5v
    Period 2:  h37kay6
    Period 3:  4gh3zzs
    Period 5:  o7syxjo
    Period 6:  ymfvqhy
    P7-Advisory:  iwewwzo
    You must access Google Classroom through your school account. Go to th  Matsuk12.us website, then student quicklinks. Click on the MSBSD Google icon (the rainbow "G"). You should be in your Google Drive. Now click on the nine dots in the top, right corner. Click on the Google Classroom icon. You will need to choose "add class" and put in the code for the class you are scheduled to attend at school. If you are having trouble getting in send me a message at:  shelly.youngberg@matsuk12.us and I will help you.

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Last Modified on April 7, 2020