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    Welcome to Music with Mrs. Sharp!music staff

    Mrs. Sharp and Sadie  
    Music Director: Mrs. Kathryn (Kathy) Sharp
         2011 "BP Teacher of Excellence" Award Recipient
         Contact: Email Mrs. Sharp  Kathryn.Sharp@matsuk12.us
         School Phone: (907) 352-5351  
           (please leave a voicemail message if I am unavailable)       
    Grade Levels: 6th, 7th, 8th
    Subjects:  Choir, Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, Advanced Band, 
    Orchestra, Jazz Band (extra-curricular), Advisory
    Connections Classes: 1st Quarter - Leadership
                           2nd Quarter - Holiday Crafting
                           3rd Quarter - Blue Harmonica
                           4th Quarter - Beginning Acoustic Guitar


    Music Offerings at WMS 

    How Playing a Musical Instrument Can Benefit Your Brain

    Informational Video: Be Part of the Band

    What Instruments Could I Play?

    2020-2021 Music Student Survey
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     Supply List for ALL Music Students

    Welcome to the Music Department online!  
    Parents--I welcome communication with you at any time. 
    Feel free to use the e-mail link above to keep in touch with me throughout the year.
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    "This FB group is open to past and present WMS music students, parents of current WMS music students, school district administration and teachers.  It is a place to discuss upcoming events, celebrate music excellence and ask questions relevant to the group."
    Parents:  If your last name is different than your child's, 
    please follow up your "join request" with 
    an email to Mrs. Sharp, giving your name, 
    and the music student's name. 
     ukulele classroom


    Daily Music Class Schedule

      Time Class
    Period 1 7:45-8:33 am Intermediate Band 
    Period 2 8:38-9:26 am Advanced Band 
    Period 3 9:31-10:19 am Orchestra (Beginning and Intermediate)
    Period 4 10:24-11:12 am Choir
    Lunch A  11:12-11:42 am Mrs. Sharp's Lunch Period
    Period 5 11:47-12:35 pm Beginning Middle School Band
    Period 6  12:40-1:28 pm
    Teacher Start-On-Time Duty and Prep
    Period 7 1:33-2:15 pm Advisory/Connections

                Advanced Band: 3 years experience on the same instrument (2 yr experience and Honor Band or Intermediate Band)
                Intermediate Band: 2 years experience on the same instrument (1 yr experience and Honor Band also accepted)
                Beginning Middle School Band: no previous experience,
                                                              up to 1 yr. elementary band experience

    Long after the toys of childhood are forgotten....
        ....the gift of music will remain.  -Anonymous
Last Modified on May 8, 2020