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  • The Health Pathway represents the academic and technical skills and knowledge students need to pursue a full range of career opportunities in health science and medical technology, from entry level; as well as, technical and professional career specialties. The standards describe what workers need to know and be able to do to contribute to the delivery of safe and effective health care. The six Health CTE Programs of Study are grouped into functions that have a common purpose and require similar attributes. Standards for the Health Pathway build on and continue the anchor standards with more complexity, rigor, and career specificity.

    The Pre-Nursing (Certified Nursing Assistant) program prepares students with the necessary clinical and administrative knowledge to become entry-level nursing assistants. Students will receive hands-on training and learn how to properly administer basic nursing care, understand bodily system and vital signs, practice client-centered care and critical thinking, work on patient advocacy, teamwork and professionalism, practice patient hygiene care, collect basic specimens and maintain patient records and proper ethics. This program is regulated by the state board of nursing and therefore comes with rigorous expectations of our instructors and students.

    Apart from theoretical knowledge, students will get to be a part of realistic patient experiences through clinical rotations.

    Through the Health Pathway programs and certification, students are provided a pathway to economic independence.

    Health programs of study integrate academic and technical preparation and embeds relevant career exploration and work-based learning. Knowledge and skills are acquired in a sequential, standards-based series of courses that are delivered through hands-on, project-based instruction designed to prepare students for all levels of postsecondary study and advanced entry to a career.