We are well into this school year and the PTA would like to say a thank you to Principal Becky Moren and her great staff. Talkeetna Elementary School is working extra hard during this time of Covid 19 challenges, and these efforts are greatly respected and appreciated. Whether your child is in school or at home learning, the completion of each school day is even more meaningful and a cause for celebration. 
    Your PTA board members this year are Meghaan Blomberg, Abby Bradley, Deanna Farrell, Suzi Reichert, Franny Thompson and Bill Rodwell.


    Our mission is to promote the welfare of children in home, school and community. Your PTA board members work on our various tasks and meet monthly to touch base. These monthly meetings are member meetings and all are welcome. 
    We generate income through grants, fundraising, membership and donations. Typically, we hold the Bun to Bun road race as our biggest fundraiser, as well as our Holiday Bazaar. We have had to cancel those this year due to covid19. Without this income, we have worked extra hard on applying for grants. Cici Schoenberger, has been a great help with our grant writing.  We are very thankful for the generous grants from the following: 

    Jessica Stevens Foundation |  Talkeetna Bachelor Society  |  Chase Community Council


    What we have accomplished with our income:
    We are providing funding for four days of healthy snack this year. We cover the cost of the food and the preparation. Every Tuesday through Friday, a healthy snack (typically fruit) shows up in each classroom. Due to COVID safety limitations on volunteers in the school, we have decided to hold off on the salad bar which we typically provide twice weekly. 
    Most days it’s fruit, but one day this quarter he students snacked on an extra special treat- Talkeetna Spinach Bread. 
    We are using our Alaska CARES grant dollars to purchase items that assist teachers and students in school and at home learning. We have purchased mats that the students are using for outdoor learning. Teachers are taking the students outside as often as possible and these mats provide comfortable seating in the outdoors. 
    We also have purchased headsets and speakers that the teachers wear while speaking through masks. The equipment amplifies their voices, making hearing clearer for the students. We have also supplied folding tables, as well as totes and clipboards that students use to carry materials outside. We are in the process of determining additional items for at-home students (headsets, glare blocking glasses, art supplies and other items).
    We typically fund the salary for an art teacher. This year due to COVID-19 and the need to simplify staff at the school, classroom teachers are fitting art into their curriculum. We are using our art funds to purchase supplies.

    By becoming a member and getting involved, you become a voice on decisions that impact your child’s health, quality of education, and build a stronger, more inclusive school community.
    In addition, as we apply for grants, our membership numbers make a difference. With strong membership numbers, we show the grantors that we have a strong organization and lots of support. Please support your PTA by enrolling in a membership. In addition to the benefits of being a member, you will be entered into a chance to win our family night package!
    Be the recipient of this fun family night! Lasagna, Dessert, and Scrabble!
    Get your membership in by Halloween! At the Trunk or Treat event, we will be holding a drawing where one lucky member will receive a fun family night! This includes a donation from Talkeetna Food Delivery (North Shore Cyclery). A family size homemade lasagna (with cheese from Mimi’s Haus of Cheese), dessert, and a brand new scrabble game donated by Abby Bradley.

    Thank you for supporting Talkeetna Elementary School PTA


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