Summer Programs 2020

  • There are a number district-wide summer programs in the Mat-Su serving several different needs; high school credit recovery, high school accelerated learning, pre K-12 special education extended school year, individual school programs and summer camps for coding, TAG, IEA and Migrant students. Each program has different dates, times, and purposes. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see all offerings.

COVID-19 Health Guidelines for Face-to-Face Summer Programs

  • Please click here for a comprehensive list health and safety practices that will be used by MSBSD staff during face-to-face summer school programs.

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Extended School Year (ESY)

  • 2020 Special Education Extended School Year

    Purpose: For those who qualify under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

    Dates: June 30-July 23

    ESY COVID Mitigation Plan

    *There will be no break for the 4th of July week, sessions will run 4 consecutive weeks.

    Classes held three days a week, only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays


    Schools & Times

    Wasilla High School, Morning Session 9:15 AM to 11:45 AM, Afternoon Session 1:15 PM to 3:45 PM

    Iditarod Elementary, Morning Session 9:15 AM to 11:45 AM, Afternoon Session 1:15 PM to 3:45 PM

    Willow Elementary, AM session only

    Talkeetna Elementary, AM session only


    Summary: Special Education Extended School Year (ESY) is for students with Individual Education Plans (IEP) and is a federally mandated option for students who meet eligibility for these services. ESY services are available to any student with an IEP,  who qualifies, from Preschool through the age of 22. Eligibility is determined annually through the IEP process. The focus of ESY is to maintain progress on identified IEP goals. ESY services are provided in the area of academics and related services. 





  • Introduction to Career Pathways Program (CTE)

    Purpose: Students eligible for Title IC-Migrant and Title VI Indian Education are invited to participate in our 2020 Summer Introduction to Career Pathways Program. The program will offer 2 different CTE courses allowing students the opportunity to earn 0.5 high school credit.

    Dates: June 29th – July 24th, 2020

    Model: Supervised hands-on instruction

    Enrollment: Invitation only – current IEA and Migrant eligible students grades 8-11


    Schools & Times TBD

    Mat-Su Career & Technical High School - Intro to Health Occupations, 8:00-11:30 AM

    Wasilla High School - Intro to Construction Trades, 8:00 - 11:30 AM


    YouCubed in the Mat-Su (Summer Math Program)

    Purpose: Students eligible for Title IC – Migrant are invited to participate in a hands-on math summer program.

    Dates: June 29th – July 17th, 2020

    Model: Supervised hands-on instruction and workshops

    Enrollment: Invitation only – current Migrant eligible students


    Schools & Times

    TBD, 9:30 am - 3:30 pm





    Knik Tribal Council Fish Camp (Knik Shan Qayeh) CANCELED

    Purpose: All Alaska Native/American Indian students are invited to participate in Knik Tribal Council’s Shan Qayeh Culture and Fish Camp.

    Dates: CANCELED

    Model: Supervised hands-on instruction and workshops

    Enrollment: Applications available from Knik Tribal Council


    Schools & Times

    Knik Elementary – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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Burchell High School

  • Burchell High School summer school is a three week, virtual summer school session that is going to utilize a variety of learning platforms, including Summit, Apex, and Google Classroom, based on individual needs.  Students will be able to complete courses they did not finish during the quarter, or start a new one to catch up in remaining deficient credit.  This will also be an opportunity for seniors to cross the finish line with their remaining few credits.

    Also, we will be providing a virtual course through Onward and Upward that emphasizes physical activity, mindfulness, nature, and art.  Students will meet three days a week through Zoom, and complete art and nature projects by exploring their back yard.  This course will offer a full credit in PE and a science elective.


    Purpose: Credit Recovery, Accelerated Learning, and Adventure

    Dates: May 28th - June 12th

    Model: online learning and back yard exploration options

    Online Learning Platform: Summit Learning, Apex Learning, Google Classroom

    Enrollment: Registration CLOSED

    Meals: Not available this year

    Transportation: Not available this year


    School & Times

    Burchell HS: online asynchronous

    Monday - Thursday (closed on Fridays)


    Contact: 907-864-2600

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Accelerated Learning

  • 2020 Middle School & High School Accelerated Learning

    Purpose: For middle and high school students who want to accelerate

    Dates: June 1st to July 22nd

    Model: Off site, at home, online learning.  Communication with an online teacher. 

    Online Learning Platforms: Apex Learning and eDynamic Learning

    Enrollment:  enroll here for summer acceleration

    Proctored Testing through Zoom



    Requirements: HS Courses must be completed by July 22nd to earn summer credit for sports eligibility.

    Guidance: HS students who select this option need to be self-motivated and highly dedicated to meeting assignment dates in order to be successful. This option condenses an 18 week course into 8 weeks. Students must dedicate several hours per day to coursework and assignments in order to complete the course on time.




    907-715-9250 mobile (texting is preferred)

2020 Alaska Business Week Summer Camp

  • Location: Wasilla High School

    Canceled - due to extremely low enrollment.

    Dates/Times:  July 27-July 31, Mon-Fri, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Purpose: Earn college credit, gain hands-on experience, build leadership skills

    Intended Audience: Available to Mat-Su students finishing grades 9-12 in May 2020

    Description: Alaska Business Week is a fun, intensive entrepreneurship experience for high school students. ABW runs one-week programs teaching the basics of business, leadership and entrepreneurship. Participants compete as teams in a dynamic business simulation with the guidance of adult mentors from the business community. After completing the program, students have a competitive edge on workplace readiness, college preparation, and overall life success.  At ABW, students get personal experience working with real business leaders, company founders and CEOs. At the start of each camp, students form dedicated teams or ‘companies’ to compete in a gamified business simulation. The curriculum is designed to promote leadership, ethical decision-making, public speaking, collaborative teamwork, and profitable entrepreneurship for Alaska communities.

    Enrollment: MSBSD PROVIDES FULL TUITION FOR THE FIRST 40 STUDENTS, MatSu Pre-registration Form

    Enrollment Deadline: July 20, 2020


    Contact: Andy Rogers


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  • 2020 Spring Programs Available Now

    Sponsored by UAA

    Purpose: For all students Pre-school through 12th grade to engage in live reading and writing programs

    Dates: Available now. Programs begin every week throughout the spring and summer with a variety of weekday and weekend schedules available.

    Model: live online

    Flyer: UAA Summer Reading & Writing Programs PDF Flyer


    Contact: 1-800-903-0029

    “Allison loved doing the long-word decoding lessons. Her reading skills have improved tremendously, and she is reading more challenging chapter books.” – Parent of 3rd grader

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2020 UAA Summer Engineering Academies

  • STEM-themed summer ACADEMIES being offered ONLINE by UAA. Week-long camps for students entering grades 6-8.

    • Coding
    • 3D Modeling
    • Videography
    The UAA Summer Engineering Academies are a series of fun, hands-on, and engineering-themed summer camps for middle school and high school students. This summer, the Academies have moved completely online, with week-long camps focused on coding, 3D modeling, and videography. This is a great way to flex those learning muscles over the summer and increase interest in science, technology, engineering, and math.
    How does it work? The camps feature:
    • Pre-recorded video lectures and activities led by UAA faculty, which can be accessed at any time;
    • Live lectures and activities for several hours per week led by UAA faculty;
    • One-on-one and group assistance through video calls, voice calls, and live chat with College of Engineering students;
    • Free online tools and software;
    • Opportunities for teamwork and collaboration; and
    • Progressively difficult activities that lead to an end-of-week project.
    The camps cost $100, but tuition waivers are available for families who need them. The application is now open. You can learn more at or by emailing

    Registration Online: UAA Summer Engineering Academies Registration

    Contact: Joe Selmont,

    Phone: 907-786-1910

    Sponsored by the MTA Foundation


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Credit Recovery

  • 2020 High School Credit Recovery

    Canceled - Face to Face Credit Recovery from June 29th to July 24th due to extremely low enrollment.

    Still going - Remote Credit Recovery, started June 1st and running through July 22nd.

    Purpose: For high school students behind in credits

    Dates: June 29th - July 24th, 2020

    Model: Remote teachers and testing proctors

    Online Learning Platform: Apex Learning, eDynamic electives, Zoom for proctored tests.

    Enrollment Procedure: Contact your school Counselor

    **Please talk your counselor first so that you know exactly which course to select.**

    If your counselor is not available, text or email the following to Darjon Gimm;

    1. Your first and last name, 2. Your school name, 3. the course you need to take., 907-715-9250 text


    Schools & Times

    Colony HS: 8:00 - 11:30 (morning session), or 12:00 - 3:30 (afternoon session)

    Wasilla HS: 8:00 - 11:30 (morning session), or 12:00 - 3:30 (afternoon session)

    Houston HS: 8:00 - 11:30 (morning session only)

    Redington HS: 8:00 - 11:30 (morning session only)


    Contact: contact your high school counselor first.

    After summer school starts, contact

    907-746-8494 office

    907-715-9250 mobile number (texting is preferred) 

Girls Who Code

  • 2020 Girls Who Code Summer Camp (FREE)

    Purpose: To introduce girls (6th-12th grade) to the world of coding/computer programming so that they choose to take coding classes during the regular school year and possibly pursue careers in the computer science field.

    Who: Mat-Su girls, grades 6th-12th, who want learn computer programming, community service, and leadership skills. Hosted by your friendly neighborhood computer science teachers.

    Dates: June 23 - 25, 2020

    Model: Online Zoom Meeting Room (device loans and Internet available if needed)

    Online Learning Platform: Girls Who Code Headquarters

    Enrollment: Registration Form Here


    School & Time


    TBA 9 AM - 1 PM Daily




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Inside Algebra - Canceled

  • Inside Algebra is designed to reach students who struggle in math. Inside Algebra offers explicit instruction in an organized, clear, and consistent manner, blending instruction with student collaboration, math activities, and monitoring progress of student mastery of concepts. This summer course will focus on pre-algebra concepts to prepare students for Algebra I in high school.

    2020 Inside Algebra

    Purpose: For 8th graders transitioning to 9th grade Algebra

    Dates: June 29th - July 24th, 2020

    Model: Supervised on campus by a Math teacher

    Online Learning Platform: Inside Algebra

    Enrollment Procedure: TBA

    **Please talk your counselor first so that you know if you are an appropriate candidate for this course.**


    Schools & Times

    Wasilla HS: 8:00 - 11:30 (morning session), or 12:00 - 3:30 (afternoon session)


    Contact: contact your high school counselor first.

    After summer school starts, contact

    907-746-8494 office

    907-715-9250 mobile number (texting is preferred) 

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  • Youth360  

    2020 Youth 360's free summer program in Houston and Wasilla! Youth 360 offers fun and engaging activities designed to connect middle and high school students to each other, their family, their school and their community. 12-5 pm, M-F at Houston Jr./Sr. High and Wasilla High. Transportation to/from central community locations is available.

    Schools, Dates, & Times: 

    Houston Jr/Sr High School: Date TBD, Mon-Fri, 12 Noon - 5 PM

    Houston Flyer

    Wasilla High School: Date TBD, Mon-Fri, 12 Noon - 5 PM

    Wasilla Flyer

    Model: Supervised on campus Club activities for all 6-12 graders who attend these schools during the regular school year.

    Enrollment Procedure:  Online enrollment

    Paper enrollment forms available at HHS & WHS schools.

    Youth360 Parent Handbook

    Contact: Tyler Healy, Youth360 Director, 907-373-3613,


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Talented & Gifted

  • 2020 TAG Summer Camp

    Status: CANCELED

    Purpose: Students identified as Talented and Gifted in MSBSD have been invited to participate in our 2020 TAG Summer Camp.

    Dates:    TBD

    Model: Supervised on campus 

    Online Learning Platform: N/A

    Enrollment: Identified TAG students by invitation


    Schools & Times






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Summer School Announcements

  • Dates for MSBSD Summer School programs

    **Listed in order of start date**

    Close-Up Washington, D.C., TBA

    Burchell High School, May 26th - June 11th, 2020

    TAG Summer Camp Middle Grades, TBA

    Intro to Career Pathways, TBA

    Credit Recovery, June 1st - June 26th, 2020

    Accelerated Learning, June 1st - July 22nd, 2020

    Girls Who Code, TBA

    TAG Summer Camp Elementary Grades, TBA

    YouCubed Math/Science Camp, TBA

    Extended School Year (ESY), June 15th - July 8th, 2020

    Knik Tribal Council Fish Camp, TBA

    Alaska Business Week Summer Camp, TBA

    Youth Summit & Youth Voices, TBA


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    Budget Office of Instruction

    HOURS:  Mon-Fri 7:00 AM - 4:30 PM  |  MAIN PHONE:  907.746.9212  |  FAX:  907.746.9292    BuildingMap