K.B. Holbrook

    This is my second year working at Houston Middle School.  As a graduate of the Mat-Su Borough School district, I am excited to give back to the school district that helped raise me.  Prior to working for the school district I worked for the University of Alaska as an academic and career counselor.  The Mat-Su Valley has been my home nearly my whole life.

    Outside of my job, I am married with two young children.  My wife and I enjoy hiking, fishing, and gardening with our family.  Our goal in the summer is to try to grow or catch as much of our own food as possible and to jar or freeze what we can to get us through the winter.  Plants are interesting in that small differences in how you nurture your crop can make surprising differences in your yields.  For example, this year despite doing many things the same as last year, I grew an abundance of bell peppers, whereas last year I struggled to grow just a few.

    Children often surprise us in the same ways, where just a few small changes can make a big difference in their performance and attitude.  We think about this a lot at HMS and are always trying to encourage a growth mindset and the development of grit in our students.

    If you are interested in talking to me about your student, schedules, or the counseling program at HMS, please contact me at kennith.holbrook@matsuk12.us or 892-9506.


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