• Transportation


    Transportation will focus on aviation, diesel power, and process technology.

    Aviation will focus on Ground School basics and the use of flying simulators. Careers in aviation, preparation for the industry, airport safety, and the dynamics of flight are all surveyed in aviation studies. Upon completion of a final, students can obtain their ground school endorsement, which is the first component of becoming a pilot.

    Diesel Hydraulics focuses on practical hydraulics and troubleshooting using the Fluid Power Training Institute’s trainers and the local 302 heavy equipment training simulators. Diesel Hydraulics will explore the power that diesel engines produce, such as fluid and air (hydraulics/pneumatics).

    Process Technology is the conversion of a material into a consumable, such as water, fuel, or fish. Process Technology focuses on any process that “turns this into that” We focus on Gas and Oil, Mining, and Industrial Construction.