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Welcome to Nurse Burger's Page!


We are well into a busy school year.  Please help us keep our school safe and open by keeping your student home when ANY symptoms of CODIV-19 Present.  Face coverings is a tool to help prevent the spread.  Students beed to make sure they have one everyday for school and wear them correctly. Other thigs to consider are:

  • Parents need to prescreen students at home before sending them to school.
  • Water bottle should be sent with students – Drinking fountains are not available.
  • Please contact the nurse to arrange medication drop offs.
  • Religious exempt forms and immunizations will be required to start school. Please email johanna.burger@matsuk12.us with your immunization records. If you need forms, I will email them to you or send them home with your student.

Please be aware that this year will look different than any other year. I know this is not a big surprise.  A very important concept to be aware of is that student will not be able to be at school with any CoVid symptoms listed below. For example, if your student has the common cold they will have to stay home. The student will not be able to attend with a  cough, fever, trouble breathing, chills, sore throat, body aches, headache, stomachache, diarrhea, joint pain or any of the other symptoms listed below. Please do not premedicate your student before school for any of these symptoms. Simply keep your student home. This is very different than previous years.  If your child has any symptoms keep them home or they will be sent home immediately. 


Please make a plan for your student to be picked up at school and a backup plan if you are not in the area. They will have to be picked up quickly. Please prepare for that. Please update your emergency contact information.

If your student is symptomatic of COVID-19 please consider getting test.   Below is a link to locate testing sites in our community. 

State of Alaska Division of Health and Social Services Resources with Test Site Locator Map

State of Alaska DHSS COVID Testing Information with Test Site Locator

Alaska Coronavirus Response Hub





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