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            Dear Parents and Students:


            This webpage is intended to help parents and students transition from interacting with students face-to-face in classrooms to Remote Learning. (Hint: bookmark it in your browser.) The MSBSD will be providing instruction through Remote Learning for the remainder of the school year, as mandated by Governor Dunleavy.


            You will find a collection of general academic and support links on this page to help serve the educational needs of K-12 learners. If you have any specific questions or concerns about your student learning, please reach out to either your child's teacher or the principal. You can contact MSBSD staff by calling the school or sending an email. School staff will monitor both phone calls and emails regularly. Additionally, if you feel like the amount of communication from schools is overwhelming, please reach out to the school's principal.


            MSBSD staff are working carefully to:

            1. Ensure students have access to essential and meaningful learning work during the school's closure (note: if you feel like your student needs more or less work, please reach out to your child's teacher or the school's principal).
            2. Define appropriate amounts of work for students to perform in a Remote Learning environment.
            3. Ensure every student has access to learning materials and activities, regardless of computer and internet access at home. Although delivery of our Remote Learning instruction will primarily take place online, parents and students will have access to pencil/paper, workbooks, and hard copies of materials as needed.


            As school districts around our state and nation begin moving instruction in this manner, Alaska Department of Education and Early Development Commissioner Michael Johnson reminded us all that "Teaching is not a location; it's a relationship and action." Regardless of where and how we serve parents, guardians, and students, we are committed first, to maintain and enhance our relationships with parents and students, while also providing the highest quality instruction possible.


            This is an unprecedented challenge for our community and nation, but the same innovative and collaborative spirit that has allowed us to increase academic achievement and growth for our students in the MSBSD will likewise carry us through these trying circumstances. From your home in the Mat-Su Valley to wherever this message finds you, we wish you and your family the very best.



            The MSBSD District Instructional Team

            (907) 746-9212

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            iPhone Notes Google Classroom Offline Activities Internet 101  
            iPhone Notes
            Using the IOS Notes app
            to take a photo for
            student assignments
            Google Drive Scan
            Submit an assignment to
            Google Classroom as a 
            Offline Activities
            A curation of student
            activities to do at home 

            Internet 101

            How to make school and
            work from home run
            more smoothly



          Guidelines for Offline Learning Materials:

          • On March 16, 2020, a new phase of education began for Mat-Su schools. This new phase involves adaptability and flexibility for educators, students, and MSBSD families.


            The primary method of education delivery will be online. However, to ensure that every student has access to learning materials and activities, MSBSD will provide the opportunity for parents and students to access printed copies of materials if necessary, regardless of computer and internet access at home. Teachers and principals will coordinate scheduled times at the school level to arrange for delivery of offline learning materials to families. We ask that parents and students work with the student’s teacher, or principal, for arrangements that work best for individual family situations. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance or help.


            MSBSD is diligently working to protect the safety and well-being of staff, parents, and students by following symptom-free schools protocol and state quarantine mandates for employees who enter our buildings. Everyone must practice social distancing, and limit contact as much as possible. These Covid-19 health guidelines for the exchange of offline learning materials are listed below. Be advised that these guidelines could be revised in the future.


            • Each school will establish a process or location outside of their building where materials will be available for parent or student pick-up. Prior to pick up, the school will clearly communicate their process to families.
            • No paperwork or other offline learning materials or assignments given to a family should not come back to the school unless arranged by teacher or principal
            • To return offline work and assignments back to teachers for grading, families could:
              • Scan and email materials
              • Utilize free methods to take photos of homework with a phone, and email the assignment directly to the child's teacher
              • Relay answers via phone to their teachers.


            If any of these ideas create a hardship, please contact the teacher or principal for coordination of assignments and work.


            In an abundance of coronavirus precaution, with so many unknowns, MSBSD recommends families quarantine all materials from schools for 72 hours before accessing them. #SocialDistance

            Link: MSBSD COVID-19 Information

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