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            Let's All Pick a Learning Management Systems (LMS)
            Classroom arrow Google Docs and Google Classroom can add a lot of value to your classroom letting students access content on any device at any time.  See how other teachers are using it now.... 
             Moodle arrow  Moodle is the most complete and comprehensive LMS on the market and all content is available inside or outside of the school network.  Check out some of our classes that are available now.
            Edmodo arrow  Edmodo is a fast linear LMS that is readily familiar to anyone with a Facebook account and has many tools to help you stream line your instruction and help parents to be involved with their own account and access.

          Office 365

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            Give us your feedback on what you like and what you think could be improved?

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            Give a brief description of training that you would like and times that you are available.  Also, let us know if you need face to face or you are Skype capable?

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