• American Charter Academy

    7362 W Parks Highway #725


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                                                                                                                        AMC's Mission: Achieving academic excellence..... the American way!


    American Charter Academy is one of Mat-Su Valley’s public charter schools that offers families and students an educational choice other than their neighborhood school. Enrollment at American Charter requires an application and conference and is lottery based. AMC offers a standards-based education model along with a project-based core knowledge framework. At AMC, students continue learning at home with daily homework expectations, and teachers ensure students keep on track by communicating frequently with parents.

    In addition to a standards-based curriculum, AMC has a blended learning program. All students participate in teacher-led instruction and discussions as well as computer-based learning. Using a blend of delivery methods (computer, teacher, hands-on projects or experimental labs and working collaboratively), students are able to build on their strengths and work through their weaknesses.

    Along with classroom instruction, American Charter also offers a wide variety of place-based learning opportunities, making use of our natural habitat for science and outdoor activities.

    Students wanting to prepare for success after graduation by applying themselves in a rigorous academic environment are a good match for AMC. They will be prepared for post-secondary education and/or the career of their choice.


    Why AMC?

    We can help your students prepare for their future through:

    • Career Readiness
    • Student Advisory
    • Individual Learning Plans

    Educational Elements:

    • Kindergarten - 12th Grades
    • Excellence in Academics
    • Standards-Based
    • Public Charter School
    • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) Focused School
    • Core Knowledge through Cross Curricular Project-Based Instruction
    • Hands on Activities
    • Placed-Based Instruction

    Available Sporting Activities:

    • Snowshoeing
    • Running Club
    • Physical Education

    Available Afterschool Activities:

    • KidWind
    • Chess
    • Running Club
    • Battle of the Books
    • Indoor and Outdoor Activities
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Magic Pen
    • Homework Help
    • Printing
    • Language Support
    Please contact our administration office at 907-352-0150 for more information. 
Last Modified on August 14, 2023