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             May 21 Last day of school

            July 1 Registration opens FY 2021-2022

            August 2021 Kindergarten Roll-in

            August 18 First day of School!!

            Big Lake Elementary School Hours 2020-2021
            • School drop-off @ 9:00
            • School begins at 9:15
            • School ends at 3:45
            • School buses depart at 4:00
            * Please try to call with any end of day transportation changes prior to 2:00

          Grizzly Cache

          • Thank you to these local businesses and community members for their donations to our Grizzly Cache!

            Jeff Ross, Jo Walch, BLE PTO, First Choice Physical Therapy, True Colors Painting, Tundra Tanning & Taxidermy, MBC Concrete/Construction, Three Bears Alaska, Gorilla Fireworks, Doyon Utilities, K3 Group, Perfect Start, Enderson's Concrete, McKenna Brothers Paving, Providence Progressive and Intermediate Care Unit.


            True Colors Painting, LLC Tundra Tanning & Taxidermy First Choice Physical Therapy MBC Three Bears K3 Gorilla Fireworks Doyon Utilities Perfect Start McKenna Bros

          Nurses Corner

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            1. The vaccine for children 12 and older has been authorized with the expansion of the FDA Emergency Use Authorization for the Pfizer vaccine to include ages 12-15, Mat-Su Public Health Nurses will be working with MSBSD School Nurses to provide COVID-19 vaccine clinics.

            Things to consider about vaccinating for Covid-19:


            • Student won't be quarantined if identified as a close contact in school.
            • Student won't miss out on sports or after school activities due to quarantine.
            • Student will have minimal risk of contracting the virus at school.
            • Student will be less likely to spread the virus to family members.
            • Greater herd immunity in the community.
            • The more vaccinated, the sooner mitigation strategies can be lifted or reduced.



            Covid Exposure Covid Exposure

            Testing Testing



            1. Q- If I am identified as a potential close contact does that mean I am also a close contact?

            Answer- No! If you are a potential close contact is does not mean that you are automatically a close contact.

            1. Q- If I am a potiential close contact can I go to school?

            Answer- No! Stay home until you receive more information from the school or pubic health.

            1. Q- If my child is a potential close contact can the siblings go to school?

            Answer- YES! The child identified as the potential close contact must stay home but siblings can come to school.

            1. Q- If I am a potential close contact should I get tested?

            Answer- Not necessarily. Get a Covid test if you have Covid symptoms or between 7-14 of quarantine if you are a close contact.

            1. Q- If I am waiting for Covid-19 test results can I come to school?

            Answer- No! Do not come to school until you get the test results.


            Please contact the Big Lake Nurse if you have any other questions or concerns at 892-9705