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          Palmer Jr. Middle School

          • Have a great summer!
            summer break We wish our PJMS students, families, staff, and community a happy summer vacation!
            We hope you visit with family and friends, relax, fish and camp, travel and read. Oh! And catch up on your sleep!
            See you back in school in August!

            PJMS Ultimate Keyboarders
            keyboarding champions
            Congratulations to these students for competing and conquering in our school-wide NitroType Tournament. They faced over 100 challengers and were victorious. The top three regularly type 90+ words per minute. Kael and Ben fought it out for 1st place at over 110 WPM!

            1st Place       Kael 8th grade -- Took 1st place last year, too!

            2nd Place      Ben  6th grade

            3rd Place       Savannah  7th grade

            4th Place       James   8th grade (not pictured)


            PJMS Students Climb the Butte

            Butte Hike

            Students from Mrs. Troutman's Health and P.E. classes climbed the Butte to celebrate health and fitness.

            Did You Know? It's OK to catch your teen doing something right!
            Would it surprise you to learn that most teens have self-doubt? In fact, a person’s self-concept is usually lower during the teen years than at any other time in life.

            Did you know you can see a report card for PJMS? This latest report presents information about our performance for the 2017-2018 school year. How did PJMS do as a school?

            Kindness Challenge
            kc PJMS is proud to be designated as a Kindness Certifited School.
            Way to go, staff and students.


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