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          Palmer Jr. Middle School

          • It is Book Fair time at PJMS!

            bf The Book Fair officially opens next Monday, November 18 and runs through Wednesday, November 27.


            We're open daily from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM.


            Students and families can stop by TODAY for a sneak peak preview.


            Come, see us.


            All proceeds go to buying more books for our school library. We very much appreciate your support.






            Changes to your child's day?

            Parents and guardians, do you need to let your child know to walk home instead of ride the bus?

            Would you like your child to meet you at the front office at a certain time so you can pick her up and get to the orthodontist's on time?

            If you have a change in transportation or location, please email the school. We will get the appropriate pass and notice to your child.

            Thank you!

            PJMS Office Staff

            Chromebook Expectations
            chromebook Students are expected to bring their Chromebooks, fully charged, to their classes each day. With their fully-charged Chromebook, they will access online classwork, quizzes, research, and projects.
            Still need to sign the agreement? Here's the link: One to One Device Agreement

            For Next Year: Combined Bus Routes

            Palmer High School and Palmer Middle School to Combine Bus Routes 

            Read more about the plan to combine some of the bus routes serving Palmer secondary schools.

            Report Card to the Public
            See a report card for PJMS. This latest report presents information about our performance for the 2017-2018 school year. How did PJMS do as a school?

            Kindness Challenge
            kc PJMS is proud to be designated as a Kindness Certified School.
            Way to go, staff and students.

            Quick account instructions for account creation via mobile phone: If you have not received a request to link accounts with your student; please use the code that corresponds to the school your child attends.  * Palmer Middle School: via mobile phone send a text to 69274 containing S43455 in the message.  If you have multiple students at different campuses, use the code that corresponds to your oldest student.  Once you send the code you will immediately receive a text back with a hyperlink to create your account.

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