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CMS Staff Commitment Statements

Colony Middle School 

2017 Commitment statements



“I will encourage everyone around me to see the good in everyone. I will smile. I will reinforce that every day is a new day and that each of us have the power to make it great.” ~ Meg Arneson 


“I will live each day intentionally making each day and moment meaningful.” ~ Heather Beard


 “I will be the best me by challenging myself and others, strive to make a difference, be positive and have fun.” ~ Kristina Booth


“I will strive to give students love, forgiveness, life skills and a fire to explore the world. I will strive for being present with everyone I come in contact with and let my love for teaching, exploring, learning and life shine through.” ~ Nada Boyer 


“I will greet our students, families and visitors with a smile every day! I will strive to make our school the most welcoming place.” ~ Krista Bruce


“I will be patient and kind, making certain people know what a gift they are to the world.”

~ Angie Buresh


“I will lead by doing what is right, treating others with respect and by doing my best.”

 ~ Allegra Butler


“I will care and be kind for all people and remember that everyone I meet is fighting their own battle.” ~ Dannielle Chyko


“I will focus on sharing only positive energy to make this the best year yet.” ~ Terry Clayton


“I will thrive with purpose, passion and pride.” ~ John Cox


“I will make each day an opportunity for students to feel empowered to do their best. I will make a difference in their lives-even if it’s only for that moment.” ~ Mary Cuzzocreo


“I will be a positive encouraging team-member for our CMS family.” ~ Tami Eckel


“I will be an example of respect, hard work and dedication to those placed under my tutelage.

~ Levi Fischer


“I will always be supportive and flexible. I will be positive. I will strive to see strengths in all and always look for solutions.” ~ Gwyn Foster


“I will be patient, kind and positive every day and make each of my students feel special and important.” ~ Kelley Geagel



“I will lead my students by example on what it means to be a positive human being. I will show them every day how to treat people with respect and kindness. I will show them that it makes you stronger to ask for support and to give support to others than to make fun of the for their inadequacies. And in the midst of this life changing knowledge…we might learn math! ~ Shawn Gilland


“I will approach each day with a positive attitude. I will support my students. I will build meaningful relationships with my students in order to create an environment where they can be successful.” ~ Lindsey Harger


“I will teach students to believe they can become anything they choose to be with love, laughter and music.”  ~ Sherri Hart


“I will live my code, lead by example, and make positive and lasting impressions in the lives of others. I will choose happiness, kindness and love, spend my time on solutions, and be mindful of the potential in each moment for magic. I will put my heart and soul into all I do!”

 ~ Chris Hebert


“I will greet students, staff and parents with a smile. I will do my best to find solutions and support others.” ~ Kaye Hessinger


“I will lead with my own style. I will appreciate and embrace every child and adult that I have privilege of working beside. I will celebrate the uniqueness of others.” ~ Jo Ann Hinds


“I will greet everyone with a smile. I will be helpful, friendly and positive. I will support student and staff as needed and be solution centered.” ~ Teri Hone


“I will be a positive influence in student lives. I want to make a difference and be a support for students, parents and staff. I will put my best foot forward and give my all each day, spreading sunshine and happiness at CMS.” ~ Kimberly Howell


“I will think positive and be kind always. I will listen to all I meet with an open mind and hear them with an open heart. I will give my best every day.” ~ Nikki Hunter


“I will approach each new day with energy, passion and a smile. I will help each student discover their individual gifts and talents and help them reach their full potential with guidance, patience and encouragement. I will be their cheerleader in all of their endeavors, big and small and celebrate in their successes. I will make every day count!” ~ Brenda Kennedy


“I will make sure my students see how important they are to me. I will challenge and inspire, while teaching with gusto and passion.” ~ Tricia Kenney


“I will work hard to meet the needs of all staff so they may focus on the needs our students. I will treat everyone with kindness every day.”

~ Barb Kysar


“I will stop, listen, be present for every student in my path. I will strive to be my best even when I don’t feel it. I will hit the “reset button” every morning, live every minute with intention and look forward not backward and commit to being part of the solution and not the problem. I will work to achieve balance in both my personal and professional life. I will live purposefully. I will strive to achieve a smile from each student every day. I will try to not over commit in order to give the best of myself in every way possible every day. I will work to remove invisibility. I will spend 5% of my time on the problem and 95% on the solution. I will live what I teach. I will lead by example. I will stop and smell the roses! I will remember to appreciate.” ~ Kimberli Laasch


“I will be creative with the way I approach educational decisions. I will also be proactive with how I work with others.” ~ Toby Lambert


“I will be the facilitator of independence, so my students can achieve the highest quality of life possible. I will be the positive impact that makes the lives of others better for having met me.”

~ Matthew Lindquist


“I will help every student reach their full potential, praise students and staff, support my colleagues and find the positive in every situation by giving 110% of myself every day I walk in the door.”

~ Jessica Luchterhand

“I will commit to being a positive role-model always. No matter what may be happening in my life, I do not want it to affect my teaching practices. I want the students to feel comfortable in the confines of my classroom and teaching style. What I teach is important and I want the students to know I take pride in my work. I hope I will make someone’s list and will make positive influences in a student’s life.”

~ Steve Mann

“I will bring my passion and love of learning every day to our students, with the hope that it reaches and inspires them. I will strive to provide and teach our students useful tools and skills that can benefit them as they pursue their passion and future. The chance that they can make a change for themselves, and the lives that they touch.” ~ Jennifer Neal


“I will honor my students and advocate for their needs. I will support my colleagues. I will demonstrate integrity in my words and actions.” ~ Scott Olsen


“I will do my best day by day and try to be a comfort or support to staff and student by talking or just being there for them or with them in that moment of time in need. Not my will, but HIS will.”

~ Eugene Parson


“I will work on building trust with the students, faculty and community. Trust stands for T – talking with people to get to know them better, R – respect, teaching and modeling what respect is to our students, U – understanding, listen and ask questions to check for clarity, S – support for all, I’m there for y’all,

T – team, together everyone achieves more.”

~ Lance Petrie


“I will teach with passion striving to ignite a love of learning in my students, I will create an atmosphere of respect where students feel safe to take risks learning. I will hold my students to high standards of achievement and respect for themselves and others. I will treat them kindly and fairly and support them in every way I am ale for their growth socially and academically.” ~ Sacha Pettitt


“I will do my best every day to be the greatest teacher I can be!!!” ~ Erin Pilgreen


“I will strive each day to lead myself and my students to identify and grow as creative learners. Through encouragement, positivity, and guided exploration we will develop into creative thinkers who embrace the chaotic joy of learning about ourselves as artists and leaders.” ~ Vanessa Powell


“I will help students find their voice, passion, happiness and develop personal well-being. I will be a supportive and involved part of the CMS staff striving to make positive influences in our community.”

~ Aleshia Quennell


“I will work my best for all kids and staff. I will be a voice for ones that cannot speak and for the ones who can.” ~ Karen Reimann


“I will be positive and kind. I will have a good attitude. I will have a smile and be respectful to all. I will do the best job ever with my students. I will be the sunshine at CMS!!”

~ Dorothy Reinhart


“I will slow down and give my full attention to my students and colleagues. I will encourage and inspire them to take risks and to grow academically, behaviorally and socially.”  ~ Kris Reisland


“I will encourage greatness from everyone I meet. I will let my passion shine. I will celebrate the small things, have fun and not take myself too seriously. I will listen openly without judgement. I will fail forward.” ~ Stacy Roberts


“I will be Focused, Family oriented, Flexible, Friendly, Fun!  My goal will be to F it up! :)”  ~ Mary Rockey


“I will be a positive role model and will treat everyone with kindness and respect. I will be helpful and do my best to make sure each student is successful in the things they do and have good things happen.”

~ Jessica Sandvik


“I will commit to bring my “best self” every day to the students and staff at CMS. I pledge to continually look for opportunities to love on our youth, make authentic connections, and build resiliency in the students I am privileged to serve.” ~ Julie Schultz


“I will strive to challenge myself professionally and personally. I will bring energy and enthusiasm that is infectious to students, families, and colleagues.  I will seek opportunities for all students to enjoy physical activity in a safe environment, no matter their learning style or ability. I will be a role model to students and colleagues as together we give full effort, helping others to have fun.” ~ Kurt Seamans


“I will serve my kids with passion, commitment and care. I will seek out answers to questions I have about anything related to the kids I serve; I will not move forward with anything I am not sure about. I will look for the positive in everyone. I will stay committed to my work. I will listen to criticism and constantly try to improve myself. I will always demonstrate integrity in everything I do.” ~ Jesse Smith


“I will treat all people with respect at all times. I will model being positive and solution centered. I will look for the positive in people and situations. I will tell the “worst jokes ever”.” ~ Rex Talcott


“I will be reliable, positive and respectful. I will be ready to learn, be flexible, listen and be open to positive change. I will be interactive, supportive and serve. I will make taking care of myself a priority, so I can perform these at my best ability. I will make good things happen for others and for myself.”

~ Hannah Thompson


“I will commit to learning from my students and my colleagues in order to continually improve the learning experiences in my classroom. I will commit to relevance and purposefulness so that students understand the value of what they are learning. I will commit to continually redefining my ideas of excellence, pushing myself and others to their fullest potential, I commit myself to fun, so that all of these efforts stand a chance of sticking and becoming meaningful to the people experiencing them.” ~ Amber Thurman

“I will work hard at being the best teacher that I can be for my students. I will collaborate with other teachers. I will work on using best practices teaching. I will develop positive relationships with fellow staff and students. I will be genuine, respectful, kind and consistent.”   ~ David Tollerud


“I will work to find a new level of greatness in myself to support and inspire students, staff and the whole Colony community.”

~ Robin Turk


“I will motivate others to be the best versions of themselves. I will support my students in their struggles and successes. I will be kind and helpful. I will help my students achieve their dreams. I will push myself to the limit. I will never give up. I will smile through rain and shine. I will grow through my struggles. I will make a difference.” ~ Colleen Walker


“I will be prepared. I will do a good turn daily. I will teach with the long term in mind. I will be the teacher my students need me to be.” 

~ Ben Wargo


“Reflecting on the current state of politics, finance and the sports world, I will remind myself daily that I am truly doing the most important job in the world. No pressure.”

~ Steve Young