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Pick Up and Drop Off Updates

In order to help keep all students safe, we have made a couple of changes to pick up and drop procedures for students.  These changes are:
  • Before school: Please do not drop of students before 9:00 AM  unless you have made arrangements to meet Mrs. Atwood for tutoring.
  • After school: Pick up of students is now taking place in the gym instead of outside or in the office.  This helps move some of the crowd away from the office, and clear up some of the confusion about what kids are doing for their ride home.
  • Please pick up your students by 4:00 PM.
  • Karla Atwood and Laurie Bevan and making sure that students go home with approved pick up/drop off adults
  • Students who have a permission slip signed for an after school activity are expected to stay for that activity by default.
  • You can adjust this with a note or phone call before 3PM.
  • Please review the parking lot diagram.  We are trying our best to make sure that parents are not driving in the same lane as the buses.  We are trying to make a loop from the middel aisle towards the trees
  • Please do not park in the handicapped spaces unless you are actually handicapped.  We do have some folks that benefit from those spaces and appreciate when they are not occupied. :-)

 Parking Lot Diagram