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The answer? Each pull of bread dough weighs about 30 pounds, to be kneaded, flattened, and shaped into hamburger buns, rolls, and more. The industrial mixers make multiple footballs of dough with each mixing.
Machetanz Elementary School second graders learn about their communities in social studies and visits to the District Central Kitchen give students that first-hand look into how their world works. In February 2017, over the 18 serving days, a total of  45,526 breakfasts, and 97,510 lunches were served, with an average daily count of 2,529 breakfasts and 5,417 lunches.
Food Service Analysis  
  • In FY2016 (last school year), students District-wide ate on average 113 miles, including breakfast, lunch, and a la carte meal equivalents
  • Regardless of school size, Big Lake Elementary School served the most meals at 8,222 served in February 2017; Big Lake Elementary is one of three MSBSD schools participating in the Community Eligibility Program (a federal program for eligible schools participating in both the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program)
  • In the 2015-2016 school year, the District served 1,395,827 meals

Nutrition Serv MZE
Chris Johnson is Nutrition Services Supervisor; Jean Bokman, Karen Lanners, and Diane Russo, are Assistant Supervisors overseeing the central kitchen staff, menu development, schools, and nutrition information. Other Nutrition Service staff includes:
  • 7 production crew members
  • 1 equipment technician
  • 7 kitchen aides
  • 2 floaters (work where needed)
  • 3 delivery drivers
  • 3 warehouse inventory accountants
  • 1 administrative secretary
(Analysis prepared by Melissa Batts, Business Services Department)