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AdvancePath and Core Graduation: In their own words, 19 students shared advice or words of wisdom about graduating from AdvancePath and the Core program at Burchell High School:
Bridgette Beck—“Do it! Graduate!”
Dakota Davis (not present)
Mariah Deemer—“I achieved my goals.” Mariah wants to be a teacher.
Rebecca Petersen—“It’s easy to give up. Don’t. Give it your all.” Rebecca plans to continue in the MSBSD at Career & Technical High School, earning a certificate in nursing, with plans to attend UAA in nurse training.
Terrence Thompson—Graduating with 32.5 credits, he says, “Follow your dreams to the fullest.” He wants to be a nursing assistant.
Jesse White—“Do the work!” Jesse is planning to continue automotive mechanic’s training at AVTEC.
Ashylyn Reha—“I wanted to graduate as a junior and I did.” Ashylyn plans to be a make-up artist.
Diane Ryall—Diane also wanted to graduate as a junior and earned more credits in a year than any student in AP. “Do the work!”
Cyrus Kenney—“I liked working at my own pace.” Cyrus wants to get a job in information technology.
Levi Mood—“Keep showing up.” Liking the work at his own pace, too, Levi wants to join the U.S. Army.
Michaela Schneller—Managing the Burchell High coffee shop, Michaela set a goal to “graduate by Christmas of 2016” and she made it! She also graduated in the top 10 percent of her class as a UAA Scholar.
Abby Lampley—Abby has a job and will now have more time to devote to it, but also plans to attend Mat-Su College next fall. Abby has an amazing story—she was told she would never graduate, having brain surgery as a child. On her own, Abby has graduated, having perfect attendance this year!
Carter Nielsen—“Don’t quit.”
Logan Hollie—“Show up no matter what.” Logan plans to get a job in culinary arts.
Levi Smith—“Don’t be afraid to ask for help.” Levi is a musician and hopes to make it his career.
Dalton Moore—“Every day is a day closer to graduation” was his mantra.
Nesha Delkettie—“Motivated.”
Jeffrey Keller—“Do the hard work.” Praised by Wasilla High School Safety Officer, Mike Bonadurer, Jeffrey liked studying in his own work space. He hopes to continue his studies in chemistry, and earning higher degrees.
Bonnie Erickson—“Be here.”
BHS Grad Dec 2016