Welcome back 8th Graders!
After school, grading papers.
Mr. Davis            jefferson.davis@matsuk12.us
It's 2nd semester and 2013!
We will be reviewing classroom expectations during the first few weeks back. My goal is to help students succeed and feel good about coming to school.
students should expect to work hard and be rewarded.

Class Schedule

7:45-8:40- Study Skills

8:45-9:40- Study Skills

9:45-10:40- Prep/Planning

10:40-11:10- LUNCH

11:15-12:10- Language Arts

12:15-1:10- Math

1:15-2:15- Reading

Classroom expectations in a nut shell:
  • come to class prepared
  • have a learning attitude
  • try, try again
  • ask for help
  • follow directions the first time given
One more year 8th graders!

Last Modified on March 25, 2013