Facility Use Information
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MSBSD  - School Board Policy AR1330 - Use of School Facilities

  • All Facility Use Requests need to be submitted using SchoolDude.com (directions below)
  • Cost is $75.00 an hour, for times outside of normal coverage, with a four hour minimum. Normal coverage is from after school to 9 PM for Elementary Schools and after school to 10 PM for Middle and High Schools, on scheduled school days. (Other charges may apply)
  • Most normal coverage times are free, depending on size of group and activity.  However,  there is a custodial charge of $20 an hour after an event for clean up. Hours depend on area used and amount attending.
  • Any and all school closures cancels all scheduled Facility Use Activities.
  • Facility Usage is on a first come first serve basis.
Logging into SchoolDude.com
Click here for a printable version of these instructions with screeshots.
The password to accept your request will be -  mat-su.
  1. Click this link - SchoolDude.com
  2. On the next screen enter your email address  (Tip: To add a shortcut to your desktop by clicking your right mouse button on a blank area of this screen and selecting Create ShortcutThis will add an icon on your desktop that you can click the next time you want to sign in to make a request.  You can also add it to your internet browser"s favorites.)
  3. After entering your email, click Submit.  If this is your first time entering the site you will be prompted to enter your first and last name.  Enter both and click Submit
  4. Click on Schedule Request Tab, then click on the Schedule Type you need for your  event.       
    Fill out all boxes with a Check mark beside it.
    These are REQUIRED fields.
  5. Once in the Schedule For, put the Event Title in first
  6.  Do not select anything in the Area Dropdown box
  7. In the Location Dropdown Menu, choose where your event will take place.
  8.  In the Room Dropdown Menu, choose the room(s) you will need.  (Hold down the CTRL Button on your keyboard to select multiple rooms)
  9. Next, choose your event dates by clicking on the date in the calendar boxes. You can click on the black arrows in the calendar boxes to change months. Then choose your Start and End Times.
  10. Also, click on the button Check Availability to verify you are not double booking a room. This is located just below the Duration. The event time you are asking for is in Yellow. If there is a black X in that space for your requested time range, you will need to go back and choose a different time that is available. Close out the Availability window when you are finished verify that your time is available and proceed to the “Organization Information” section.
  11. Choose your Organization from the Dropdown Box. If it is not there, type it out in the “or new” box. If there is not a way for you to add your Organization, you will need to contact an Administrator to have it added.
  12. Next, provide your insurance information if you have it. If not, you may be required to provide it at a later time.
  13. If Service Requirements are listed, check off the boxes next to what you need and type out a short description.
  14. Next, skip down to the Number Attending box and put the number of people attending the event(s).
  15. Click on the My Request Tab, then Schedule Request. Here you can find up to date information on your requests and what status they are currently in.


Alternate Sites for facility use:
Last Modified on March 5, 2013