SchoolDude-Community Use
 SchoolDude-Community Use Information
  • All Facility Use Requests need to be submitted using SchoolDude's Community Use.  Download detailed directions here.
  • Cost is $75.00 an hour, for times outside of normal coverage, with a four hour minimum. Normal coverage is from after school to 9 PM for Elementary Schools and after school to 10 PM for Middle and High Schools, on scheduled school days. (Other charges may apply.)
  • Most normal coverage times are free, depending on size of group and activity.  However, there is a custodial charge of $20 an hour after an event for clean up. Hours depend on area used and amount attending.
  • Any and all school closures cancels all scheduled Facility Use Activities.
  • Facility Usage is on a first come first serve basis.
Alternate Sites for facility use:
Last Modified on November 20, 2014