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Name: Toby Lambert
Email Address: tobias.lambert@matsuk12.us
Phone number: (907) 761-1517
To Parents/Students:
Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year. There is lots of info on this site. Enjoy.
-3rd quarter Practice charts are due by at the latest March 9 at 2:30 PM (I will not take any charts past 2:30 PM-no matter what the reason).   There are 9 weeks of charts (total: 315pts).  They go from Dec. 18-Mar 4. Charts for Dec. 25-31 and Jan. 1-7 are each extra credit if the student turns them in completed (25pts each). Please encourage students to turn them in.  Thank you.
-Winter Concert is Feb. 6 for Band, Feb. 7 for Choir and Feb. 20 for Steel Drums and Orchestra.  Call is 6:30 PM for all concerts.
-CMS Music Booster meeting: March 1 at 7PM in the CMS Band room.  
-I will be gone to Trinidad during Feb. 9-16.   My sub is a music teacher by trade so, students will be rehearsing during that time.
-Tri-M  has their next meeting on Feb. 24 from 2:30-3:30 PM in the band room. 
-Solo/Ensemble lessons are in progress. Lesson and performances will be listed by Monday, Feb. 6.
-Honor Festival schedule is up.  Goto the Honor band/choir/orchestra page for info. Music has been passed out and 1st practice is Feb. 27.
NEED a 2016-2017 music calendar- Concert Schedule
Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year. I am excited about this year and CMS has lots of great music activities for our students. I am always welcome to input and suggestions from you at any time. Feel free to use the e-mail link above to keep in touch with me throughout the year.
Colony MS and Colony HS Drama is proud to Present

Disney's "Tarzan"
Feb. 2 (2 daytime shows), Feb. 3 (7PM), Feb. 4 (7PM) and Feb. 9 (2 daytime shows), Feb. 10 (7PM), Feb. 11 (7PM). 
Tickets can be purchased at cdrama.booktix.com  
Cast list and calendar are attached on the musical page.  But here is also a copy of it.
Parents need to join the facebook page to keep up with changes to schedule and other info about the show.  It is: https://www.facebook.com/colonyhighdrama/

All shows are at the Glenn Massey Theater at the Mat-Su College.

  Goto the Musical page for more detail. 
Some pictures are uploaded.
 Lion King Pictures are posted on the musical page.
 Goto the musical page.




Before School

Jazz Band-M&W: 6:45 AM-7:25 AM

Jazz Choir-T&Th: 6:45 AM-7:25 AM


6th Band


Orchestra (Small Ensemble)


6th Choir


7th-8th Choir (Advance Choir)


7th-8th Band (Advance Band)






Enrichment Class-Beginning Band/Guitar/Mythology/Musical Theater

After school

Lots of activities

Lambert in Trinidad

Changes to this page 2/3/17):
1. Trazan pictures on Musical page. 
2. Changes Overview page
3. Added Feb. Newsletter
4. Honor ensemble student lists/info/rehearsal times posted.
My Grading Policy
Grading is based on several items:
Attendance/participation:100 pts per week (10pts per day for attendance and 10 pts for participation)
Concerts: 250 pts per concert (includes-warm-up, performance, listening, dress, attendance)
Practice Charts: 35 pts a week for 2 hours of practice (forms next to practice charts box)
Extra Credit: 25 pts per item (go to a concert, art museum, play, or any "Arts" event)-turn in
program/ticket into practice chart box with name.
Auditions/Projects: Most of these items range from 50 pts to 100 pts. These are mostly in-class
Need Practice Charts-Click Here:
Need help with improving your practice-goto Tips for Practicing.
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