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Name: Toby Lambert
Email Address: tobias.lambert@matsuk12.us
Phone number: (907) 761-1517
To Parents/Students:
Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year. There is lots of info on this site. Enjoy.
-4th quarter Practice charts are in progress.   There will be 7 weeks of charts (total: 245pts).  The finale turn in will be May 4 at 2:30 PM (this is because the concerts and auditions will be mostly done at that point).  They go from March 5 till April 29. Chart for March 12-18 is each extra credit if the student turns them in completed (25pts each). Please encourage students to turn them in.  Thank you.
-Pops Concert is April. 24 for Band, April 25 for Choir and April 27 for Orchestra (which will be at CHS).  Call is 6:30 PM for all concerts.
-CMS Music Booster meeting: May 3 at 7PM in the CMS Band room. We really need some parents there please as we need to look for some new parents to step into some of the board positions and finalize the banquet.  Please attend if you can.  
-Tri-M  is aiming for April 28,2017 from 2:30-3:00 PM meeting.  
-CMS awards banquet is May 8 at 6:00 PM.  RSVP due to Mr. Lambert by May 4.  Need one: Click Banquet Form
-Jazz Trip is May 15-16.  Grades have to be above a 60% in all classes by May 11 to go.  
-End of the year assignments are Concert Grades, Practice Charts, Singing/playing audition tests and class projects.  All are due by May 4 to be completed.  
NEED a 2016-2017 music calendar- Concert Schedule
Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year. I am excited about this year and CMS has lots of great music activities for our students. I am always welcome to input and suggestions from you at any time. Feel free to use the e-mail link above to keep in touch with me throughout the year.




Before School

Jazz Band-M&W: 6:45 AM-7:25 AM

Jazz Choir-T&Th: 6:45 AM-7:25 AM


6th Band


Orchestra (Small Ensemble)


6th Choir


7th-8th Choir (Advance Choir)


7th-8th Band (Advance Band)






Enrichment Class-Beginning Band/Guitar/Mythology/Musical Theater

After school

Lots of activities

Lambert in Trinidad

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My Grading Policy
Grading is based on several items:
Attendance/participation:100 pts per week (10pts per day for attendance and 10 pts for participation)
Concerts: 250 pts per concert (includes-warm-up, performance, listening, dress, attendance)
Practice Charts: 35 pts a week for 2 hours of practice (forms next to practice charts box)
Extra Credit: 25 pts per item (go to a concert, art museum, play, or any "Arts" event)-turn in
program/ticket into practice chart box with name.
Auditions/Projects: Most of these items range from 50 pts to 100 pts. These are mostly in-class
Need Practice Charts-Click Here:
Need help with improving your practice-goto Tips for Practicing.
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