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Physical Education!
Creating healthy movers with a passion for life-long involvement in physical activity.

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                                                                                Physical Educator : Nancy Blake         
                                                                                   Email: nancy.blake@matsuk12.us
                                                                                         Phone: (907) 352-6433

Get Out and Play. Every Day. 

Mooving and Grooving in PE!      
Physical education is all about learning how to move, how to take care of our bodies, and how to find those activities to love for a lifetime! In PE, we practice our skills individually, with a partner, and even through team challenges. Responsibility is a big part of physical education: Personal responsibility - taking care of ourselves and doing the right things on our own, and social responsibility - doing the right things to help others. 
We participate in a wide variety of activities in PE. My hope is that, in the limited time I have to spend with them, your children will experience a TON of different ways to be active. We touch upon the standards (basketball, hockey, soccer, etc.), but our emphasis is developing the skills and strategies that will help your child feel successful in whatever competitive or recreational activities they choose. From gymnastics to hockey, from kayaking to snowboarding, from hiking to 10K races, I hope they try it all throughout their lifetimes.
As a former competitive runner, I have a special place in my heart for running, which is why I encourage our kids to participate in our recess Mileage Club, and to set higher goals as part of the 100 Mile Club! Running is free - no fancy equipment required, no gym fees, and can be done rain-or-shine! Our Goose Bay Wolves are reaching to 1000 miles as we approach Thanksgiving, and their heart & skeletal muscles are all the stronger for it! (Families even have an opportunity to sponsor a student or two in the 100 Mile Club! Just shoot me an email or give me a call for more info!)
Last year, we had a visit from L.A. model and runner Ryan Young to encourage our kids and receive inspiration in return before setting out for his first "Susitna 100," a 100 mile wilderness race. It was a great day, and you can see a short video from that special event right here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_yXt3SsfFM
Our 100 Mile Clubbers are back at it again this year! Thank you for supporting our strong and healthy Wolves!!   
~Nancy Blake
Every day is a good day, when we have physical education!



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