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Seniors prepare to welcome the class of 2020 at the annual senior-freshmen breakfast on October 18 
Welcome to the Class of 2017 Website!

***SENIORS PLEASE NOTE:  Senior Fun Day and the Step Up/Step Down Assembly have been CHANGED TO MAY 1.  If you have already submitted your permission slip, waiver, and $$, you are still good to go on the new date.  If you haven't, please turn in your permission slip,  Extreme Fun Center, and waiver along with $10.00 to Mrs. McKenney in the Library.***

Notes from APRIL 25 meeting:

The last Senior Class Meeting!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

1.     Graduation Rehearsal is mandatory: Wednesday, May 10 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  No rehearsal, no walk, no exceptions.   AP testers are OK.

2.   Be at Menard Center 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, May 10.  Cap, gown, stole, tassel from Jostens.  No cap/gown decorations, no custom tassel.  Adhere to the graduation dress code.

3.   Only honor cords issued by school staff for designated honor societies.

4.   Check out sheets must be completed and submitted to the front office.  You need a signature from each of your teachers and the Library, and a signature showing you have cleaned your locker.  Senior Locker Cleanout is Tuesday, May 2 during Advisory.  If your checkout sheet has not been submitted, you may not attend practice (and thus not walk).  Return all your library materials and clear your account with Mrs. McKenney.

5.   Zero tolerance for senior pranks.

6.   Senior Fun Day is May 1.  Be sure you have submitted your permission slip, waiver, and $10 to Mrs. McKenney by Wednesday, April 26.  I will order lunches based on the count I have Wednesday.  You must travel with the group on the bus to attend.

7.   Officers made a YouTube video for the dance finale.  It’s available on the CHS Class of 2017 Facebook page.  Check it out!  Rehearsals are tomorrow and Wed, May 3 during Advisory in the small gym.

8.   See the checklist below with your final responsibilities.   

9.  Submit your senior awards form to Counseling ASAP.

 Final Senior Checklist/Graduation Notes
Seniors, Have you...? 
___Picked up your cap/gown?  Remember, don't put a hot iron directly on your gown!  Use a towel or steam it in the shower.
___ Cleared Library fines/returned all materials?
___Completed Senior Check-out Form?  This MUST be done to participate in graduation practice and the ceremony!
Important Dates:
May 2--Senior Locker Clean Out
May 2, 3, 4--Senior finals
May 10--Graduation practice, 9:00 a.m. Menard Sports Complex.  YOU MUST BE AT PRACTICE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CEREMONY.
May 10--GRADUATION!! Be at the Menard Center by 5:00.  Ceremony starts promptly at 7:00.
At CHS, Graduation is a Tradition of Excellence.  It is a polite, formal, and dignified celebration.  This is the only time you will graduate from high school; it is a special occasion for each of you.  Please observe the following expectations:
Graduates are not allowed to carry anything, including cell phones, during the ceremony.  Let your parents/families keep phones, cameras, handbags, etc. so they are not lost in the crowd.
Gifts, flowers, leis, or other adornments (money, ribbons, corsages, etc) may be received AFTER the ceremony.
Dressing uniformly allows graduates to proudly represent their graduating class.  Gowns should be pressed or steamed to remove wrinkles.  Caps/gowns may not be decorated or added to in any way other than approved honor cords.
Appropriate dress is required of all graduates.  Young women should wear a dress, skirt, or dress slacks and dress shoes.  Young men should wear dress pants, a shirt with collar, and dress shoes.  Students MAY NOT wear shorts, jeans, tennis shoes, flip flops, or other beach-casual footwear.  Students not dressed appropriately will be required to change prior to the ceremony
As a once-in-a-lifetime event, graduation draws relatives from far away who come to celebrate with you.  Help keep it special for everyone by honoring everyone's special moment.  It is not a time to disrupt the ceremony or draw attention from speakers or graduates crossing the stage.  Save beach balls, silly string, air horns, bubbles, balloons, etc. for celebrations with family and friends.
Please remember the following:
Fees/fines need to be paid before graduation,
Self-monitor your actions!  Possible consequences for poor decisions include
-Removal from graduation ceremony
-Delay in receipt of diploma
-Delay in mailing of transcripts
-Arrest by police
-Charges and fines 
Following is information from the Senior Class Meeting on April 6.  If you missed the meeting, please see Mrs. McKenney in the Library for important paperwork.


1.      Graduation is MAY 10 at the Menard Sports Center.  That day is also graduation practice, from 9:00 a.m. to noon.  You MUST be at practice to walk.  The only excused absences from practice are AP testers, and we know who they are.  All graduates should be at the Menard Center at 5:00 p.m. on May 10.

2.     Cap and Gown orders—if you ordered cap/gown/announcements, etc., check in the front office and pick yours up.  IF YOU HAVE NOT ORDERED A CAP/GOWN YET, you need to do so IMMEDIATELY!!! ($60.00).  See Mrs. McKenney/Mrs. James privately if you have an issue.  You cannot walk without appropriate attire.

3.    A letter will go out to parents toward the end of April regarding graduation details and expectations.  In the meantime, check the CHS webpage under “Site Shortcuts” Seniors!  News and Important Announcements.  Also check the Colony High Class of 2017 Facebook page.

4.    SENIOR FUN DAY is May 1.  We are leaving after the Step Up/Step Down Assembly, going to the Extreme Fun Center, and then to Wasilla Wonderland for lunch (lunch will be provided).  We will leave the school about 10:00 and return about 2:00.  You MAY NOT ATTEND if you do not go with the school group on the bus.  You MUST return a signed permission slip, a signed waiver, and $10.00 to Mrs. McKenney BEFORE April 26.  Make checks payable to CHS.  $10.00 covers part of the cost of the bus and lunch.

5.    Speakers and talent for graduation are settled:  Braden Bowker and Miss Mary are speaking; Choir seniors are singing the National Anthem, and John Brahaney, Luke Johnson, and Mackenzie Lawyer are doing a musical interlude.  The program is settled.

6.    Submit photos for the Senior Slide Show to Chayse Eby or Mr. Mead during period 4 in the Yearbook room.

7.    Senior Dance at the end of graduation:  Officers will produce a YouTube video; there will be two practices during Advisory on April 26 (small gym) and May 3 (big gym).  Glo bracelets have been ordered for the dance portion of the program.

8.    Counselors will be seeking your information for senior awards which will be recognized at Step Up/Down on April 28.    

9.    Senior Class Photo will be taken in the Big Gym on Tuesday, April 11 during Advisory. 

There is a MANDATORY senior meeting during Advisory on TUESDAY, APRIL 25. 

Niamh Johnson submitted the artwork for the graduation program cover; Leah Krone's submission will be painted on the wall in Senior Hall.
Your staff speaker for graduation is "Miss Mary" Heideman.  She was the overwhelming first choice of all who voted!   Braden Bowker is the Class Valedictorian and will also speak
Class of 2017 Motto is "The nineties saved the best for last."  The Class Song is "Take on Me" by A Ha. 
Check out the CHS Class of 2017 Facebook Page  
Cap and Gown orders can still be placed online at, but students who order online must pay shipping and are not eligible for free items.   

***NOT ACTIVE***If you or a family member/friend are unable to attend your student's graduation, it will be streamed live. You can view this here.***NOT ACTIVE***


Graduation is MAY 10TH, at 7:00 the Curtis Menard Sports Complex in Wasilla.


MANDATORY graduation rehearsal practice will be WEDNESDAY MAY 10 from 9:00 a.m. to noon. You must get specific permission in advance from Mrs. McKenney if you need to miss graduation practice due to AP testing. All other graduates are expected to attend the practice in order to walk at our graduation.




Class advisor is Mrs. McKenney at 


Colony High School's Graduation--A Tradition of Excellence

Graduation has always been a dignified and CLASSY ceremony at Colony High School

Like a wedding ceremony, it has this in common:

·       People dress up

·       People use their best manners

·       Like bridesmaids or ushers, people dress in the “costume of the event”—in this case, caps & gowns with a uniform look that states “WE ARE THE CLASS OF 2017!”

·       Not a time to express individuality with “special” decorations of caps/gowns that make you stand out or appear different than the rest of your class

·       Not a time to disrupt the ceremony for everyone else with things that draw attention away from guest speakers or from one of your fellow graduates who is crossing the stage—in other words, NO STEALING SOMEONE ELSE’S SPECIAL MOMENT PLEASE!

·       Things to keep in mind:

·       Graduation gowns should be ironed (pressed) or steamed to get out wrinkles

·       Clothing is semi-formal/business attire: female graduates are required to wear a dress, skirt, or dress pants; male graduates are required to wear dress slacks, a dress shirt with buttons, and a collar.

·       Students are not permitted to go barefoot, wear flip flops, tennis shoes, shorts, or jeans. Caps and gowns MAY NOT be embellished with glitter, sequins, or other decorative elements.

·       Students will not be permitted to carry flowers, balloons, or other items with them as they enter the stadium; those items can be given to students after the ceremony concludes and the Alumni Class of 2017 is announced and presented to the audience.

·       No writing of any kind on caps.

·       No gum, beach balls, silly string, air horns, bubbles, purses, cameras, camcorders, toys, or helium balloons. Let your parents or family keep cameras and purses for you so they are not lost in the crowd.

·       No flip flops (too casual for graduation) or awkward high heels that increase the likelihood of you walking like a klutz or, worse, falling on stairs/stage.

·       Fees and fines need to be paid and cleared before graduation.  THIS INCLUDES RETURN OF ALL TEXTBOOKS/LIBRARY MATERIALS

·       These are consequences for poor decisions:

·       Removal from graduation ceremony

·       Diploma withheld

·       Arrest by police;criminal charges

·       Charges and fines

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